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The role of dust filter bag cage in dust collector

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The dust filter bag cage is a key part of the bag filter operation process. Usually the cylindrical filter bag is vertically hung on the dust collector. The dust filter bag cage is the rib of the filter bag. It should be lightweight, easy to install and maintain, and directly affect the quality. The filter bag with high filtration status and service life has sufficient strength and steel or stainless steel wire. The dust filter bag cage has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, anti condensation, good thermal stability, good dust removal, long service life, ash and low energy The dust removal equipment of the dust collector is the equipment to separate dust from the flue gas, and the dust filter bag cage is an important part of the bag filter.

   Dust filter bag cage  joint is suitable for dust control of industrial boilers and thermal power station boilers of various models and various combustion methods. The dust filter bag cage  is easy to install and basically does not need maintenance. To prevent condensation, the temperature of the gas in the frame joint and its system must be kept higher than its dew point 25~35℃ (for example, the dew point temperature of the kiln-grinding integrated machine is 58℃, and the operating temperature should be above 90℃). Ensure the good use effect of the dust filter bag.

The dust filter bag cage  is the rib of the dust filter bag and is an important accessory of the dust collector. It is also equipped with a stretch venturi, which can be welded to the cage mouth according to user requirements. Venturi, short pipe, hanging mouth, filter bag hose clamp and other accessories Non-standard cages can be made according to customer requirements. The dust fifilter bag cage is characterized by firm welding, smooth and straight appearance. The dust filter bag cage  uses patented technology. It is manufactured and produced by one-time automatic welding equipment. The product has superior performance, no desoldering and burrs. The design structure is strong and reliable, and the installation is convenient and the service life is longer.

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