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The turned on and stopped of dust collector bag filter

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-06-25      Origin: Site


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Start the dust collector bag filter

During the operation of the dust collector bag filter , the flue gas at the inlet should be lower than the normal temperature of the filter material.

The bag filter is not allowed to operate at a temperature below the dew point;

Before operation, the dust collector should be inspected comprehensively, the integrity of the filter bag installation, whether the filter bag is damp or compacted, and if there is any problem, deal with it in time;

Before operation, perform phosphor leakage detection, pre-coating treatment and other related preparations as needed.

When the dust collector is running under load, it should protect the accumulation of "primary dust" on the surface of the filter bag. When the dust collector starts to run under load, the main fan should be operated from low load (30-40%), and transition to full load within 1 to 2 hours. It is a slow stroke of the filter bag surface. Load the main fan to run at full load

Check the normal operation of the pulse blowing or reverse blowing dust cleaning mechanism;

Shut down of the dust collector bag filter

The production process equipment is shut down.

After the production equipment stops operating for 2 hours, the dust fan stops operating to remove the remaining flue gas in the dust collector and prevent the filter bag from being damp and compacted.

During the delayed shutdown of the fan, the pulse blowing or reverse blowing dust cleaning mechanism is activated to remove the remaining dust on the surface of the filter bag and prevent the surface of the filter bag in the dust collector from being compacted and blocked during the shutdown

For the flue gas containing moisture and sulfur that is easy to condense, after the bag filter is notified to operate, especially in cold areas, in order to prevent condensation, the box should be sealed after the moisture-containing gas is completely removed, if necessary, the box and ash hopper of the dust collector adopt a hot air circulation system.

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