The working conditionsof Fiberglass dust filter bags?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-08-04      Origin: Site


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Fiberglass filter bags are suitable for high temperature, strong acid and alkali, strong corrosiveness, high temperature fine dust filtration and valuable metal material recovery, high adhesion or high humidity working conditions, and uncoated filter materials. It is mainly used in cement rotary kiln heads, kiln tails, shaft kilns, blast furnace gas purification, ferroalloy smelting furnaces, garbage incinerators, coal-fired boilers in power plants, etc. Flumes filter bag has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, and bending resistance. The fluoride ion filter bag adopts different surface chemical treatment and finishing processes. 

Fiberglass filter bag also has the characteristics of easy dust removal, water resistance, oil resistance, and antistatic. It can adapt to 220°C for a long time and 260°C for a short time. Under normal circumstances, Fomex filter bags use needle-punched felt dust filter bags, and woven fabrics use box-type blow-back bag filter bags or mechanical vibration bag-type filter bags.

Fiberglass filter bags produced with different surface chemical treatments and finishing processes have the characteristics of easy dust removal, water and oil repellent, and antistatic. When the Fiberglass filter bag is blocked, the resistance increases, which can be indicated by the increase in the reading of the differential pressure gauge. The fluidity of the filter bag is the main reason for its wear, perforation and shedding. Generally speaking, the following measures should be taken to make Flumes filter bags: Temporarily strengthen dust removal, eliminate filter bag blockage, and replace filter bags partially or completely.

Fiberglass filter bags have different temperature resistance and different ratios. Glass fiber blended polyester, glass fiber blended aramid, glass fiber blended P84, glass fiber blended PTFE, glass fiber blended PPS, etc. According to the customer's dust collector temperature selection.


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