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What are the characteristics of PTFE filter bags?

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PTFE filter bags have been widely used since they were invented, so what are the special features of PTFE filter bags? Why are PTFE filter bags popular?


What are the functions of PTFE filter bags?

What are the main features of PTFE filter bags?

How to choose the right PTFE filter bag?

Dust Filter Bags  

What are the functions of PTFE filter bags?

The surface of the polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membrane is smooth and resistant to chemical corrosion. The PTFE membrane is bonded to the surface of conventional filter media, eliminating the need for primary dust cake. Filtration occurs on the surface of the membrane and achieves surface filtration. PTFE coated filter bag is a new type of filter material made by compounding a layer of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) film on the surface of ordinary filter bag. This layer of membrane is equivalent to playing the role of "primary dust layer", material exchange is carried out on the surface of the membrane, and can be effectively filtered at the beginning of use. The unique three-dimensional network structure of the film prevents dust from passing through, and there is no worry about pore clogging. This filtering method is called "surface filtration". The coated filter material can not only achieve nearly zero emission, but also because the film is not sticky and the friction coefficient is small, the powder cake will automatically fall off, ensuring the long-term stability of the equipment resistance, so it gives full play to the advantages of the bag filter and is an ideal filter material selection. It is widely used in the fields of flue gas purification and dust removal, dust treatment and special recycling. Because PTFE membrane has the advantages of smoothness, chemical stability, long service life and waterproof, it has excellent dust cake release, high filtration efficiency and longer service life. As an advanced product, PTFE filter bags have perfect filtration performance during water pretreatment and post-treatment. PTFE membrane filter bags are the main choice for filtering fine dust and are widely used in many industries such as chemical industry and steel. Membrane filter bag is a material resistant to acids and alkalis, and can provide the required high hydrolytic stability. The PTFE membrane filter bag is made of high-quality raw materials to ensure complete body assistance and extremely high strength.


Dust can easily enter the inside of ordinary filter media during use, and it accumulates more and more, until the pores are blocked, making it unusable. With the use of PTFE coated filter media, the filtered dust can be easily cleared from the surface of the film, the cleaning effect is good, the cycle is long, and the cleaning pressure intensity in use is low, thereby increasing the service life of the filter material and Significantly reduce the maintenance workload of the dust collector and reduce the operating cost of the product. It is laminated with woven filter material and needle-punched filter felt to make PTFE coated filter material, which not only increases the filtration accuracy, but also makes it easier to clean dust. It has the characteristics of stable operation and long service life. This advantage can effectively reduce the number of bag changes, thereby saving costs. Specifically, the PTFE membrane has a first-class laminate to increase the capacity and efficiency of the filter. This ensures that tiny dust particles will not pass through the PTFE membrane and be ignored. The dust cake can be collected from the surface of the PTFE membrane later. PTFE membrane filter bag manufacturers instill a culture of high-quality products and other specialized services. The PTFE membrane filter bag manufacturer’s emissions are negligible, the product recovery rate is high, and its popular products ensure a high air-to-cloth ratio.

 What are the main features of PTFE filter bags?

1. The PTFE filter bag can increase the filtration capacity of the system by 50-150% according to the needs without major changes to the dust collector;

2. With the effective increase of the bag-to-bag distance, the cleaning efficiency of the system is significantly improved;

3. Due to the impact of the bag on the cage, the fatigue damage of the bag is greatly reduced, thereby prolonging the service life of the bag.

 How to choose the right PTFE filter bag?

Since each filter has its own characteristics and parameters, when we choose the filter material of the dust collector filter bag, we must know the following parameters: temperature, humidity, dust diameter, gas chemistry, dust abrasive, filter The mechanical performance parameters of the device.

 PTFE filter bag has a wide range of applications and its efficiency is significantly higher than other similar products. If you are looking for a high-quality PTFE dust filter bag at a reasonable price,Jiangsu Aokai Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. will provide you with the best products.

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