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What are the characteristics of aramid filter bags?

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Aramid filter bag is one of the most popular types among many different types of dust bags, so what are its characteristics? What is the use of aramid filter bags?


What is the use of aramid filter bags?

What are the characteristics of aramid filter bags?

In conclusion


What is the use of aramid filter bags?

Filter bags, dust bags, filter socks-they all have the same meaning: an industrial-grade fabric filter, made of heavy materials, all textiles, used in the dust collection system Any kind of process filtration or pollution control. Aramid is a refractory material, and the dust-proof filter bag made of aramid has an inherent protective effect against acid and alkali materials. Aramid filter bags are specially used for cement kiln flue gas filtration and hydrophobic filtration. Due to the higher air to cloth ratio, higher high temperature resistance, lower price and longer service life, it is one of the best overall economics in the filtration system.

 Aramid filter bags

What are the characteristics of aramid filter bags?

1. Aramid filter bags can be performed at high temperatures. Aramid can be used continuously at a maximum operating temperature of 218°C (425°F) and can cope with higher temperature fluctuations. However, in order to extend the service life of the dust bag, it is recommended to keep the continuous temperature at 204°C (400°F) and below, and lower the temperature under the lowest temperature fluctuation.

2. The aramid filter bag resists bending and abrasion, and has good flexibility at room temperature, which is approximately equal to that of polyester fiber; after aging at 121°C (250°F), if the toughness is excellent, it will be higher than Its toughness. At 121°C (250°F) and higher temperatures, the service life of aramid filter bags should be more than three times that of polyester filter bags.

3. Aramid dust filter bags resist chemical substances and work well in acidic environments. At temperatures above the dew point, their performance will be better than polyester filter bags. The temperature above the dew point should be maintained to minimize chemical attack on the filter bag and dust collector equipment. The dust collector system should be heated before being put into production and dried before being closed to reduce chemical attack. In order to optimize the service life when acid gases are present in the gas stream, a minimum operating temperature that is safe above the dew point should be used. Higher temperatures will accelerate chemical attack.

4. Aramid filter bag has good dimensional stability. The most effective use of high-temperature-resistant filter bags is aramid filter bags, which are used in high-efficiency filtration systems where the outlet temperature is higher than 250°F or the surge exceeds 250°F. In hot gas filtration systems, aramid filter bags require less filtration area (equal gas volume and efficiency) than glass fibers.

 In conclusion

Compared with other heat-resistant fabrics, dust bags made of aramid are cheaper and better. It not only has good strength, but also has good abrasion resistance and folding resistance. If you are looking for a high-quality aramid filter bag at a reasonable price,Jiangsu Aokai Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. will provide you with the best products.


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