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What factors affect the length of the dust filter bag

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-02-22      Origin: Site


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What factors affect the length of the dust filter bag 

1. Under the condition that the filtration wind speed and the diameter of the filter bag are the same, the number of cloth bags and the occupied space of the equipment should be reduced. When the length of the bag is increased, the filtration area of the single cloth bag will be increased.

Two, reduce the number of cloth bags, dust cleaning system solenoid valve, pulse valve, jet tubing, etc., will also be relatively reduced, so as to save investment and shorten the dust cleaning cycle of the dust collector.

Three, the length of the manufacture of dust collector bag is too long will increase the cost, the height of the industrial dust box also increases, the strength of each component in the upward extension process also increases, so the cost of equipment manufacturing also increases.

Four, the cleaning effect is poor: the longer the line cleaning industrial dust remover bag, the more likely it is that the dust sprayed by the ejector of the dust remover will be reabsorbed into the bag; For off-line cleaning, the longer the cloth bag, the longer the pause time after cleaning, the slower the recovery of filtration in the cleaning chamber;

Five, the bag is easy to damage: the longer the dust bag, in order to ensure effective ash removal effect, the stronger the injection energy needs to be maintained, the greater the potential energy of the injection, the more likely to damage the dust bag;

Too long filter bag will not be convenient for installation, maintenance and inspection. According to the development history of industrial precipitator, the bag diameter commonly used in industrial precipitator is generally between 120mm and 152mm. With the development of technology, the bag length has increased from 3.6mm in the 1950s to 8-10mm in recent years.

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