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What is aramid filter bags?

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Since its invention, arylon dust filter bag has been widely used in many different industries and has been generally well received. Then what are the characteristics of aramid fiber dust filter bag? Where can aramid filter bags be applied?


What is aramid dust filter bag?

What are the features of aramid filter bags?

Where can aramid filter bags be applied?

What are the advantages of aramid filter bags?


What is aramid dust filter bag?

Used in the production of needled felt filter cloth between the aramid fiber/aramid fiber in China is also called aramid fiber 1313, USES the high quality of aramid fiber and loose loose fabric, and then with a needle, and will they felt up, through the voice of the good processing, such as singing, calender, heat setting, water-and oil-repellent, PTFE film lamination, etc., and made into cloth. High tensile strength, wear resistance, low emissions, suitable for viscous/high wet dust air purification, easy to purge, low thermal shrinkage rate. Aramid filter bag is mainly operating in bag dust chamber, temperature between 130 ~ 220 degrees Celsius, suitable PH between 5 ~ 9, widely used in iron and steel industry, carbon black industry, building material industry (cement, asphalt mixing plant, etc.) and electric power industry, general application of aramid felt also includes: high abrasive dust application, electric arc furnace, high temperature drying machine, cupola and chemical application of high temperature exists. Aromatic polyamides have good alkali resistance in most cases. Most mineral oxides cause degradation and partial decomposition. Aromatic polyamides can withstand normal organic solvents well. Some phenolic compounds cause solubility.

Aramid filter bags 

What are the features of aramid filter bags?

1. Maximum continuous operating temperature: 400 degrees

2. Wear resistance

3. Energy absorption: good

4. Filtration performance: excellent

5. Damp and hot: Good

6. Inorganic acid: Poor


What are the advantages of aramid filter bags?

1. Perform at high temperature. The aramid bag filter can be used continuously at operating temperatures up to 218°C (425°F) and can cope with higher temperature fluctuations.

2. Resist bending and wear. The flexibility of arylon filter bag is good at room temperature, which is about equal to that of polyester fiber. After aging at 121°C (250°F), if the toughness is excellent, it is higher than its toughness. At 121°C (250°F) and higher temperatures, the Nomex filter bag should last at least three times as long as the polyester filter bag.

3. Resistant to chemicals. aramid filter bag works well in acidic environment, and its performance will be better than polyester filter bag at temperature higher than dew point. Temperatures above the dew point should be maintained to minimize chemical erosion of the filter bag and dust collector equipment. The dust collector system should be heated before being put into production and dried before being shut down to reduce chemical erosion. In order to optimize service life in the presence of acidic gases in the flow, a minimum operating temperature safe above the dew point should be used. Higher temperatures can accelerate chemical erosion.


Where can aramid filter bags be applied?

1. Chemical treatment: Bagged drying chamber for pigment, plastics and catalyst industries

2. Mineral processing: dry bag dust collector and clinker cooler bag dust collector for gypsum industry

3. Metal working: High temperature process collector used for lead oxide and arc furnace bag filter in steel industry

4. Power generation and incineration: Fly ash treatment collector


Aramid filter bags are widely used, including but not limited to asphalt mixing plants, cement plants, power plants, steel works, smelters and other industrial dust high-temperature working conditions, dust and gas collection works, etc. Compared with dust bags made of other fabrics, aramid filter bag has higher temperature bearing capacity and longer service life, so it is one of the most cost-effective products in the filtration system. If you are looking for a high-quality aramid filter bag at a reasonable price,Jiangsu Aokai Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. will provide you with the best products.


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