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What is the capacity of dust filter bags

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The dust holding capacity of the dust filter bag is also called the dust load capacity, which refers to the amount of dust accumulated on the unit area of the filter material when a given resistance value is reached. The dust holding capacity of the dust filter bag affects the resistance of the filter material and the length of the cleaning cycle. In order to avoid frequent dust removal of the dust removal equipment and extend the life of the filter bag, it is generally required that the dust holding capacity of the dust filter bag be larger.

On the one hand, the filtration efficiency of the filter material is related to the structure of the filter material, and on the other hand, it also depends on the dust layer formed on the filter material. From the perspective of the filter material structure, the filtering effect of short fibers is higher than that of long fibers. From the point of view of the formation of the dust layer, for the thin filter material, the dust layer is destroyed after dust removal, and the efficiency is greatly reduced, while for the thick filter material, some dust can be retained in the filter material after dust removal to avoid excessive dust removal.

In order to meet the production needs of enterprises, the dust filter bag should meet the following requirements:

1. It has good air permeability, and the filter material has a large dust holding capacity.

2. Strong temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.

3. Easy to clean dust. The quality of dust removal is also related to the quality of the dust bag itself. For example, long fiber and short fiber are made of two materials. Although the material of short fiber has very good dust filter performance, it is more difficult to clean up the dust on it.

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