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What is the material of dust filter bags?

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Dust filter bags are used in many industries, so what should be considered before buying dust filter bag? What material and manufacturing process are used for the dust filter bag How to avoid damage to the dust filter bag?

 What material is used on the surface of the dust filter bag?

What to consider before buying a dust filter bag?

What are the reasons for the damage of the dust filter bag?

Steps of pre-coating dust filter bag

 What material is used on the surface of the dust filter bag?

1. Flat surface: Flat surface felt is best for filtering dust with relatively low moisture content.

2. Singeing surface treatment: The texture of the singeing surface felt is slightly rough, and the most suitable moisture content for dust will cause excessive accumulation on the filter element, thereby reducing the permeability to an undesirable level.

3. Glazed surface: The texture of the glazing surface felt is smooth, even more resistant to agglomeration and coalescence than a single side. Glazed felt is most suitable for filtering dust with high moisture content, or for filtering fibrous, thin thread-like materials (such as chaff or chaff).

4. Filament yarns: Filament yarns are smooth and shiny, and are often used for blocking problems because they release particles more easily than spun yarns.

5. Spun yarn: The spun yarn is not smooth and dust particles tend to adhere to the coarse thread to improve the filtration efficiency of a filament yarn fabric.

 Dust filter bag

What to consider before buying a dust filter bag?

1. Temperature-Does your bag need to withstand extreme temperatures?

2. Material-What is the purpose of the filter?

3. Chemical-Can your filter withstand the chemical composition of dust particles

4. Resistance-whether the filter medium can resist the abrasion of dust particles


What are the reasons for the damage of the dust filter bag?

1. The welding of the filter bag cage is not standardized. The welding frame of the filter bag cage is uneven or friction with the casing will cause the dust bag to wear during shaking. Generally, the uneven surface of the filter bag cage refers to the burr or edge of the weld.

2. The installation of the dust bag is not standard. If the dust-proof net bag is too loose when hanging, it may cause collision or friction between the dust-proof net bag and other components, which may damage itself

3. The disassembly and assembly of the dust filter bag is not standard. When removing or installing the dust bag, it may collide with the metal edge and put on the cloth bag. This kind of damage is not easy to find, but ashes will appear during work.

4. The cleaning cycle is unreasonable. The dust removal cycle is too short and the dust removal method is incorrect, which will increase the burden of the dust bag and easily damage the dust bag; the characteristics of dust-containing gas. Too high temperature, high concentration, and high wind speed of the dust gas will increase the burden of the dust bag and easily cause premature damage to the dust bag. In addition, if the dust bag used does not meet the working conditions, it is easy to burn. On the contrary, if the temperature is too low and the wind speed is too low, it is easy to cause condensation and dust removal of the dust filter bag. The high dust filter bag needs to be replaced.


Steps of pre-coating dust filter bag

1. Coated filter bag debugging filter bag pre-coating pre-coating

2. The pre-coating of the dust bag should be completed before the boiler catches fire.

3. The dust collector operator opens the inlet and outlet poppets of chamber #1. Close the other inlet and outlet poppet valves. Close the feeder insert plate, do not pour oil, and operate the powder feed system and powder feeder.

4. Start the boiler fan and induced draft fan.

5. The field and disc secondary dampers are opened to 100%.

6. After adjusting the fan and induced draft fan board, the pressure difference in each room should be kept at about 100Pa, and the pre-coating door should be opened. During the pre-coating process of the dust bag, the total air volume is usually not adjusted to keep the coating uniform.

7. Pre-ash should be added slowly (pre-ash meshes should be as fine as possible, mesh ≤200 mesh, humidity <1%), the opening of the fan baffle should be about 30%.

8. Each filter bag needs about 1KG of ash (6m long filter bag).


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