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What needs to be checked when the bag filter is running

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  The bag filter is generally divided into trial operation and daily operation. Trial operation is to check the system of the dust collector and perform daily operation after confirming that it is correct. Pay attention to the impact of the load change of the host equipment on the function of the dust collector. After starting up, you should pay close attention to the operation of the dust collector and make a record.

  Points to note during the trial operation of the bag filter: 1: Pay attention to whether there is condensation on the outside and whether the ash discharge system is unblocked. In order to prevent clogging and corrosion, severe fouling affects the production of the main engine. 2: The rotation direction, speed, bearing vibration and temperature of the fan. Whether the processing air volume, pressure and temperature of each test point are consistent with the design. 3: According to the discharge situation of the bag filter chimney, judge whether there is any phenomenon such as bag drop, loose mouth, abrasion, etc. after the dust collector is used.

 The test operation quality of the bag filter directly affects whether it can be put into normal operation. If not handled properly, the dust collector may quickly fail. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of trial operation of dust removal equipment conscientiously and meticulously.

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