What should I do if the dust bag filter emits smoke

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-07-05      Origin: Site


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If your bag filter has smoke or dust, it should be stopped immediately for maintenance.

There are two types of smoke and dust at the air outlet of the bag filter: one is continuous smoke from the smoke outlet, this is because the dust filter bag is seriously damaged, the dust bag buckle plate is not firmly dropped or the bag filter The upper and lower hanging openings are not tight, and the connection between the hanging opening and the flower plate, and between the flower plate and the flower plate is not tight. Smoke and dust appear instantaneously when the bag filter is sprayed.

When most of the dust removal bags are damaged, they should be completely replaced, and should be replaced when the dust collector stops working. Take out the cage, then pinch the spring ring on the top of the bag into a concave shape, and pull up the dust removal bag. Before installing a new bag, the dust on the hole of the flower plate should be cleaned.

When the bag filter is replaced with a dust bag, it is necessary to check and analyze the cause of its damage. If the dust removal bag cage is not welded firmly, the dust removal bag should be punctured and welded in time, and the burr welding slag of the dust removal frame should be smoothed and polished, or a new dust removal frame should be replaced. The dust collector cannot be operated with damaged dust removal bags, otherwise it will accelerate the scrapping of the dust collector.

The main reasons for the smoke and dust of the bag filter are:

The bag filter suddenly appears smoke and dust during use. It is necessary to stop the operation of the filter in time and immediately stop for maintenance. One of the main reasons for smoke and dust is caused by broken bags. The dust bag is gradually worn out. The main reasons for the wear are the grinding force of dust, the deterioration of the bag caused by high temperature and the corrosion of chemical substances. When the grinding force of the dust is strong, the bottom of the dust bag is seriously worn and the system capacity is increased. The resulting increase in filtration speed can also accelerate wear.


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