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Why use aramid filter bags?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-09-29      Origin: Site


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What is the purpose of aramid filter bags? In which industries can it be applied? Why should aramid filter bags be treated and painted? What are the special advantages of aramid filter bags?


What is aramid filter bag?

The benefits of processing and finishing aramid filter bags

What is the purpose of aramid filter bags?

What are the advantages of aramid filter bags?


What is aramid filter bag?

Aramids are widely used in high temperature applications due to their excellent wear resistance and performance at the maximum continuous operating temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Aramid filter media are often used in cement, chemical, metal processing and casting, and foundry industries. Common applications for aramid fibers include high-temperature dryers, extremely abrasive dust applications, and high-temperature chemical processes. The weight of aramid is 14, 16, and 18 ounces.

Aramid filter bags 

The benefits of processing and finishing aramid filter bags

1. PTFE membrane: Adding PTFE membrane to the aramid filter bag can double its life, reduce wear and tear, reduce maintenance costs, energy costs, etc. You can learn more about how PTFE works and its benefits here.

2. Lipophilicity: This will help filter, increase resistance to water and oil, and improve the release of filter cake.

3. Acid resistance: protect the aramid fiber from acid damage and reduce wear. Can be used in cement and foundry applications.

4. Anti-static (Epitropic): Helps ground the filter bag.

5. Singeing: This pretreatment process can remove stray fibers from the filter material and provide a uniform surface area, thereby improving the release of the filter cake.

6. Glazing: In this process, the fibers are fused to the main body of the filter medium. This helps smooth the surface and improve the release of the cake.


What is the purpose of aramid filter bags?

Aramid filter bags are widely used in steelmaking plants in the steel industry, cement plant vertical kilns in the cement industry, dry rotary kilns in the asphalt industry and calcium carbide plants in the thermal power industry. For the condensation of waterproof paper, please consider waterproof and oil-proof treatment. It is also widely used in non-ferrous metals, lime, powder metallurgy, drying, ore stone, gypsum, plastics, carbon black, coke, tobacco, welding dust, office cleaning strips, cleaning equipment, ironing blankets, conveying blankets, etc. Aramid filter bags have high strength, good abrasion resistance and folding resistance.


What are the advantages of aramid filter bags?

The aramid dust filter bag is made of domestic high-quality aramid fiber as raw material, and is made by needle punching after precise fiber ratio. It is one of the commonly used high temperature dust bags. The aramid dust filter bag has excellent heat resistance and thermal shrinkage stability, can work continuously at 204°C, and can withstand repeated temperature fluctuations of 250°C. The aramid dust filter bag also has excellent fire resistance and chemical resistance. Normally, it will not self-ignite or support combustion. The limiting oxygen index (LOI) is 30. Only when the temperature reaches 400°C will there be signs of decomposition and carbonization. It is impregnated with PTFE to provide high acid and alkali resistance, and most hydrocarbons do not affect it.


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