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Dust Filter Bag Cages

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  • How to prevent the rust of dust filter bag cages
    How to prevent the rust of the dust removal skeleton, Oke Environmental protection summed up the following three methods:1. Pure epoxy resin powder spraying: pure epoxy resin powder electrostatic spraying skeleton dust removal. Strong acid resistance and alkali resistance, but pure epoxy resin powde
  • Dust filter bag cages measurement matters
    1. Measure the diameter of the dust removal pattern, and the outer diameter should be smaller than the inner diameter of the pattern board and the dust removal bag.2. The distance between the ring beam of the dust removal frame is 200, which is basically finalized.3. The total length of the dust rem
  • Dust filter bag cages surface treatment
    1. Surface galvanized treatment : choose galvanized, which can prevent rust and oxidation, is cheap, and has a thin coating. Due to strict environmental protection requirements, galvanizing has gradually been replaced by galvanized wire treatment.2. Pure epoxy resin powder coating: choose pure epoxy
  • The after treatment of dust filter bag cages
    Organosilicon dust removal framework: It has good high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. The silicone dust removal framework can be used in a working environment of about 280 degrees, and the instantaneous use temperature can reach 30 degrees. It can replace the stainless steel dust r

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