Dust filter bag cages measurement matters

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-07-14      Origin: Site


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1. Measure the diameter of the dust filter  pattern, and the outer diameter should be smaller than the inner diameter of the pattern board and the dust filter bag.

2. The distance between the ring beam of the dust filter cage is 200, which is basically finalized.

3. The total length of the dust filter cage  is less than 5 cm of the dust filter bag, or as short as possible, not too long, otherwise the dust filter bag will be stressed by the dust filter cage.

4. The venturi of the dust filter cage is processed with a reasonable streamline shape and a material with a similar thickness. The streamline shape of the venturi determines the strength of the ejected airflow and the thoroughness of dust filter .

5. The diameter of the dust filter cage after the measurement is the closest to the manufacturer's standard size is the best processing size, which can save a lot of unnecessary mold making and consumption.

Precautions for installation of dust filter cage

Before installing the dust filter cage, check whether the quality of the dust filter bag and the dust filter cage is qualified. Also check whether the material of the bag matches what was ordered.

If there is any difference, please contact the supplier as soon as possible to exchange. A high-quality dust filter cage requires a smooth appearance, no burrs, and no leakage of welding. The easiest way is to observe the welding part, white gauze gloves, and no hanging threads.

A good dust filter cage should have sufficient strength, rigidity, verticality and dimensional accuracy to prevent deformation under pressure, damage during transportation, contact between filter bags after being loaded into the dust collector, difficulty in bagging, friction between bag frames, etc. Occurs; in the production process, all solder joints must be firm, and no desoldering, virtual soldering and missing soldering are allowed; the surface is required to be smooth and straight, without burrs, and the welding is uniform. Surface treatment can choose spray or silicone treatment. For those with temperature and humidity requirements, galvanized or stainless steel can be selected.

The filter method of the dust filter cage

Dust filter cage filter bag filtration: The dust filter bag is a columnar body surrounded by a single layer of fabric, usually round, which is characterized by a simple structure and is easy to clean. When the dust-laden air passes through the filter bag, the dust is separated from the airflow by means of screening, collision, interception, etc.

The advantages of dust filter bag filtration are high filtration efficiency, the total efficiency of dust removal can reach more than 99.5% in the dust chamber of the textile factory, the structure is simple, and the power consumption is low. The disadvantage is that it is prone to fire, the filter bag is easy to condense, the amount of filtered air per unit area is small, and a large amount of filter cloth is required. In a short time after cleaning, the filtered air has a high dust concentration and poor working conditions.

The mechanism of dust filter cage filtration and dust removal is the comprehensive effect of short-range capture mechanisms such as sieving effect, direct interception, diffusion sedimentation, and inertial collision.

When dust-laden air passes through filter materials such as grids, fabrics, non-woven fabrics, foam plastics, etc., the dust layer formed inside or on the surface of the filter material, and the filter layer formed by the upper layer of the powder are trapped, so that it can be removed from the airflow. separate out.

With the thickening of the dust layer, it is necessary to remove the dust layer regularly to ensure the continuous progress of the dust removal process.


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