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Filter Bag cages

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  • The relationship between the filter cage and filter bag

    1. The performance relationship between the dust removal bag and the dust removal skeleton. It is necessary to be reasonable when choosing dust removal bags and dust removal skeletons. The selection is based on the cooperation between the dust removal skeleton and the dust removal bag filter materia

  • Introduction of installation method of dust filter bag cages

    The frame of the dust filter bag is an important accessory of the dust filter bag. It should be light and easy to install and maintain. The quality of the frame directly affects the filter state and service life of the filter bag. Our company introduces advanced frame manufacturing equipment, and us

  • The advantage of filter bag cages

    The dust filter bag cage is the main accessory of the bag filter, commonly known as the rib of the bag. Its quality directly affects the filter status and service life of the bag filter and the dust removal effect of the bag filter. Use a high-frequency welding machine to weld the skeleton forming a

  • The after treatment of dust filter bag cages

    Organosilicon dust removal framework: It has good high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. The silicone dust removal framework can be used in a working environment of about 280 degrees, and the instantaneous use temperature can reach 30 degrees. It can replace the stainless steel dust r

  • The reason of filter bag cage bending

    1. First of all, the bending of the filter bag cage has a direct relationship with the quality of the cage . When purchasing the filter bag cages, you need to check whether the welding of the welding point has reached the standard, because the welding of the bag cage affects other components: (1)Wea

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