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Air Dust Filter Bags Requirement before installation

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-02-03      Origin: Site


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Air Dust Filter Bags Requirement before installation

1.The buyer shall reasonably store the products provide by seller, pay attention to the protection against rain, snow, pressure and fire, etc. The filter bag service life is shortened due to improper storage or storage of more than 3 months which is not covered by the warranty.

2.The buyer shall inspect the filter bags before installation to avoid the installation and use of damaged filter bags.

3.The buyer shall ensure the installed dust collector design meets the relevant standards and requirements of dust collector, the bag center distance and cell plate hole edge design shall be reasonable, the air distribution at the inlet of bag filter should be uniform.

4.The buyer shall carry out anti-corrosion, sealing, thermal insulation and waterproof treatment of the dust collector, all irrelevant materials (such as welding slag, rust slag, garbage, etc.) must be thoroughly removed from the dust collector.

5.The buyer shall ensure the dust collector is standard cell plate hole burr-free, the flatness of the cell plate is less than 2‰ of its length, and there is no dust leakage at the plate joints.

6.The buyer shall ensure the bypass system and all valves and cover plates shall be tightly sealed, cell plate and dust separator shall not leak.

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