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Common fault analysis for dust filter bags

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Common fault analysis for filter bags

The following phenomenon occurs in the operation of the filter bag, it is recommended that the user adjust the filter bag as soon as possible, otherwise the damage of the filter bag has nothing to do with the supplier.

1. The filter bag was damaged within 1m under the cell plate, which was caused by the failure of the spraying system.

2.After installing the filter bags, they are not vertical and bypass, causing mutual wear of the filter bags.

3.In the groove of the filter bag opening, it is not completely embedded into the cell plate opening during installation, result the bag dropping or ash pouring phenomenon during spraying.

4.Dew-condensation and bag-pasting appeared in the filter bag; Because the dust collector operating temperature is lower than dew point temperature, the insulation and sealing measures of the dust collector are not good.

5.Filter bag burns, incineration and other phenomena, which caused by too high operating temperature, high temperature particles entering the dust collector.

6.Large number of holes at the bottom of filter bags are caused by excessive injection pressure. It is recommended to set the ash cleaning pressure as the minimum and the ash cleaning cycle as the longest within the allowable range of differential pressure.

7.Dust collector has poor tightness, rain and snow filling, make the filter bag hydrolyzed by moisture or form acid erosion, causing damage to the filter bag.

8.Burr or open welding of the bag cage may scratch the bag and cause damage to the bag.

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