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Common problems during air filter bag installation

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-07-08      Origin: Site


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1. Use a bag cage with defects

The bag cage is a kind of installation accessories that can keep various outer filter bags in a certain shape under the conditions of filtration and ash cleaning. service life. When the filter bag is installed, the welding is poor, and the bag cage with defects such as vertical burr and deformation can easily cause damage to the filter bag.

2. The hole diameter of the flower plate is inconsistent with the mouth of the bag

Since most of the outer filter round bags are fixed and sealed with elastic expansion ring and flower plate, the hole diameter of flower plate is inconsistent with the bag mouth, which is easy to cause the following problems:

(1) The hole diameter of the flower plate is too small, and it is difficult to install. In order to install it in place, the installer hits the elastic expansion ring with a heavy object, causing damage to the bag mouth.

(2) If the hole of the flower plate is too large, the filter bag and the bag cage will cause the phenomenon of "dropping the bag", and the bag mouth is not dense enough, and the edge of the bag mouth is easy to leak dust, and the dust removal efficiency cannot be guaranteed.

3. Irregular filter bag installation

During the installation of the filter bag, professionals were not organized to train the staff, nor was the quality of the filter bag installation monitored and tracked in time. The installers often adopted non-standard installation methods.

(1) Install the filter bag directly without using a sheath. Once the hole of the flower plate has burrs, it is easy to scratch the filter surface and reduce the filter performance of the filter bag, especially the membrane filter bag. After the surface film is damaged, the filter performance of the filter bag is damaged. Great discount.

(2) The square installation method of first installing the filter bag in the whole room and then installing the bag cage is adopted, and protective measures are taken in time for the installed filter bag. The installer cannot avoid stepping on the mouth of the filter bag during handling and installation, resulting in deformation of the mouth of the bag. After the mouth of the bag is deformed, the mouth of the bag and the hole of the flower plate cannot be completely closed and there is a gap. After the operation, there will be dust leakage or even bag drop.

4. No adjustment is made after the filter bag is installed, and the bottom of the bag cage collides with each other.

With the development of large-scale and long-bag bag filters, the filter bags and bag cages are getting longer and longer, and it is very common for the ends of the filter bags to collide with each other. The bottom of the bag cage is disorganized and uneven in density, and some of the filter bag body and the bottom of the bag rub against each other. The reasons for this phenomenon are:

(1) The flower plate is uneven, with a certain inclination or unevenness, and the bag cage is skewed toward the uneven direction.

(2) The bag cage is not vertical, especially the multi-section bag cage is not aligned with the center of the ground, causing the bag cage to tilt.

(3) The bag cage is not adjusted after installation.

2. Preventive measures and implementation methods

1. Do the preparatory work before installing the filter bag

(1) Before installing filter bags and bag cages, filter bag manufacturers or relevant professionals should be organized to train construction personnel, and the installation quality should be tracked and supervised in a timely manner.

(2) Before installing the filter bag, clean the flower board and the inside of the clean air chamber, connect the compressed air to blow the dust and welding slag inside the clean air chamber into the ash hopper or open the induced draft fan to discharge the dust into the outlet flue.

(3) Carefully check the dimensions between the filter bag, the bag cage and the flower plate to ensure that the three are consistent. At the same time, the burr of the flower plate hole should be removed to prevent the flower plate from scratching the filter bag.

2. Standardize the installation of filter bags and operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures

(1) When installing the filter bag, use the sheath correctly for installation, first place the sheath and then install the filter bag.

(2) When installing, make the elastic card slot of the filter bag evenly contact with the edge of the flower plate. Usually, a crisp sound of "pop" can be heard, and the bag mouth of the filter bag and the hole of the flower plate are locked tightly. You can press tightly by hand, or tap the periphery with a rubber mallet to tighten.

(3) Generally, after installing the three rows of filter bags, install the bag cage immediately. When installing the bags, install them in a row from the tail end of the nozzle to the manhole door. This can effectively prevent the installer from stepping on the bag mouth of the filter bag. Damaged filter bag elastic collar. If the bag cage cannot be installed immediately after the filter bag is installed, protective measures should be taken in time for the filter. It is recommended to use the filter paper shell, fold it into two layers, and cover the bag mouth of the filter bag to prevent stepping on the bag mouth and debris from falling into the filter bag. .

(4) Adjust the inclined collision bag cage, and the state of the bottom of the filter bag of the large long bag filter adjusted by the professional installation team is in good order. To do this, first ensure that the level of the flower plate and the vertical shape of the bag cage are unchanged (the center of the multi-section bag cage must be aligned); secondly, after the whole room filter bag and bag cage are installed, enter the bag room for inspection, Adjust the filter bags in contact by rotating the bag cage or reinstalling.

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