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Dust filter bag cage manufacturing problem

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Dust filter bag cage manufacturing problem

1. Cage dust filter requires the support ring and longitudinal reinforcement to be evenly distributed, and there should be satisfactory strength and stiffness, which can accept the gas pressure of filter bag in the filtration and ash removal condition, and can avoid the damage and deformation caused by bump and impact in the process of normal transportation and equipment.

2. All the solder joints of the filter bag cage should be welded firmly, and no dewelding, virtual welding and leakage welding are allowed.

3. The surface of the filter bag cage and the filter bag contact should be smooth and bright, and no welding scar, uneven and burr are allowed.

4. The spring cage should have a satisfactory number of turns and elasticity, and the distance should be uniform after pulling apart.

5. The cage surface of the filter bag is treated with anti-corrosion treatment, electroplating, spraying or painting according to different needs. If used for high temperature, its anti-corrosion should be satisfied with the requirements of the application temperature.

Dust filter cage in the application to show important market and application, to ensure that it can play a role in dust removal. Ensure that the purchased and used dust skeleton has good product quality and function, can play an important role in dust removal and value. And the dust cage needs to be selected and purchased according to the basis of selection and application.

1. Consider resistance loss and structural form according to industry and mine, reduce power consumption as far as possible, and pay attention to the convenience of future maintenance.

2, the dust cage can capture the small dust particles should be equal to or slightly less than the dust particle size of the gas being processed.

3, dust cage should pay attention to the airtightness. Especially when operating under negative pressure, we should pay attention to the reliability of the unloading and air locking equipment.

4. Explosion-proof valves are usually installed on the entrance pipes to avoid blasting with inflammable and explosive dust.

5. When the dust viscosity is small, the larger the diameter of the cyclone, the larger the allowable dust concentration.

6. The amount of dust filter cage purification gas should be consistent with the amount of dust containing gas treated in practice. Select the diameter of the dust bag cage should be as small as possible. Assuming that the required air volume is large, several small diameter cyclone precipitators can be selected in parallel. Assuming that the gas volume is consistent with the dust filter cage , it is appropriate to choose a multi-pipe dust collector.

7, when the dust gas temperature is very high, we should pay attention to insulation, avoid moisture condensation in the dust removal skeleton. Assuming that the dust does not absorb water and the dew point is 30 ~ 50℃, the temperature of the dust skeleton should be 30℃ higher. Assume that the dust is more absorbent, such as gypsum, dew point is 20 ~ 50℃, the temperature of the dust filter cage should be higher than the dew point temperature 40 ~ 50℃.

Dust filter cage appearance treatment

1, the appearance of galvanized treatment: the selection of zinc plating, rust and oxidation prevention, cheap, thin coating, not suitable for humid and strong corrosion environment, suitable for dry low corrosion environment such as food, construction and other industries.

2, pure epoxy resin powder spraying: choose pure epoxy resin powder spraying. Acid and alkali resistance, but expensive, poor temperature resistance function, should not be used in high temperature environment for a long time, easy to appear coating aging, cracking after blowing and shaking. Cracked edges and corners will wear away the bag. Not suitable for high temperature environment.

3, solvent silicone immersion: the selection of solvent silicone paint, the selection of immersion method attached to the silicone layer, acid resistance, alkali resistance, temperature resistance, but poor adsorption, after a period of time the appearance of the paint layer is easy to show cracking, peeling phenomenon and affect the coating life, but also simple grinding bag affect the bag life.

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