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Dust filter bag cage surface treatment

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1. There should be sufficient strength, rigidity, verticality and dimensional accuracy to prevent deformation under compression, damage during transportation, contact with each other after the filter bags are placed in the dust collector, difficulty in bagging, and friction between the filter bag cage and other situations;

2. The surface of the filter bag cage  can be treated with organic silicon or galvanized. The anti-corrosion treatment agent used for high temperature should meet the needs of high temperature;

3. All solder joints are firm, no desoldering, false soldering and missing soldering are allowed;

The development trend of filter bag cage  is manifested in the following aspects: high temperature and high humidity, strong corrosive framework and filter material.

Standard for making galvanized filter bag cage :

A. The cage type filter bag cage  requires the support ring and longitudinal ribs to be evenly distributed, and should have sufficient strength and rigidity to withstand the gas pressure of the filter bag in the state of filtration and dust removal, and to prevent the occurrence of damage during normal transportation and installation. Damage and deformation caused by collision and impact.

B. All the welding points of the filter bag cage should be welded firmly, no desoldering, false welding and missing welding are allowed.

C. The surface of the filter bag cage in contact with the filter bag should be smooth and clean, and no welding scars are allowed. Unevenness and burrs.

D. The tension spring type cage should have enough turns and elasticity, and the space should be even after being stretched.

E. The surface of the filter bag cage should be electroplated, sprayed or painted according to different needs. If it is used for high temperature, it should be cleaned to meet the requirements of the use temperature.


Dust filter bag cage silicone surface treatment:


The service life of the filter bag cage organosilicon powder in the natural environment can reach several decades. Since the organo silicon filter bag cage combines the properties of inorganic materials and organic materials, the filter bag cage treated with organosilicon not only has excellent heat resistance and low temperature resistance, but also has the advantages of electrical insulation, flame retardancy, waterproof, and physiological inertia. It can prolong the service life of the filter bag cage and bring the excellent performance of organic silicon. The filter bag cage processed by organic silicon technology can be used in an industrial and mining environment of about 280℃, and its instantaneous use temperature can reach about 300℃. In some specific environments, it can replace stainless steel filter bag cage. It can meet customers' urgent supply needs. Generally, chemical treatment is used to clean the oil, rust, oxide scale and other debris on the surface of the filter bag cage, and then spray organic silicon powder on the surface of the filter bag cage.

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