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Dust filter bag in the cement plant

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Low temperature filter bag for cement mills ,silos and packing stations

High temperature filter bag for clinker cooler and cement kiln

Anti-static filter bag for coal grinding .

 Cement Mill 

Cement mill dust collectors receive a high load from the grinding mill and separator. Consequently,an appropriate air to cloth ratio is recommended.Frequent cleaning pulses are needed to keep the pressure loss at an acceptable level.Owing to its composition,the dust tends to be abrasive and thus mechanically stresses the filter bag ;these harsh process conditions require a filter bag:

Made of mechanically strong fibers,e.g. polyester

Supported by a dense multifilament scrim

Condensed by a high level of needle punching

If water is injected into the grinding mill or the dust collector is located in an area of high relative humidity ,an additional oil and water-repellent finish ,it will improve the cleaning performance and thus maintain the dust collector at the lowest possible differential pressure  

Silo&Packing Station 

Most of the points mentioned for the cement mills also apply to filter bag installed downstream form silo and packing stations.Compared with the previous cases however ,the dust is rather dry and the tendency towards agglomeration is therefore reduced,owing to the dry character of the dust,an oil and water-repellent finish is not necessary and an anti-adhesive finish . The latter reduces the friction of the abrasive dust particles and the fiber web ,resulting in a future increase in service life . 

Coal Grinding 

 Again ,high dust load and abrasive dust require a mechanically strong filter bag.In this case however,gas with a high level of humidity in the range of 8 to 15% by volume at an increased temperature of 90 to 110 ℃ enters the dust collector.A further important matter is whether the dust composition is considered explosive . 

Clinker Cooler 

High gas temperature ,but fortunately low gas humidity,allows the use of m-aramide is its excellent mechanical strength which allows the filter media to easily withstand the abrasive dust .

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