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Factors affecting the service life of bag type dust filter bag

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-10-27      Origin: Site


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1. Filtration wind speed of low-pressure long bag pulse filter:

Is one of the important parameters of filter filtration wind speed, and the processing characteristics of the concentration of dust contained gas, dust, the filter cloth material, ash removal mode have inalienable relations, the size of the filtration velocity not only can directly affect the size of the filter, but also affects the system resistance of dust catcher, ultimately affect the service life of the dust filter bag. Because the use of coated glass fiber filter bag, is filtered through its surface, so the dust will not accumulate in the deep layer of the filter bag and make the resistance gradually improved.

2. Selection of air volume and pressure for ash removal:

Low pressure long bag pulse dust collector in pulse cleaning, not only the pressure is lower than the conventional pressure, longer cycle, dust cleaning air volume must also be appropriate, too much will reduce the service life of dust bag, too small will cause the dust cleaning is not complete. When the pressure and gas volume are the same, the pressure in off-line ash removal is also lower than that in online ash removal, and the gas consumption is small and the power consumption is saved.

3, the humidity of the gas:

Glass fiber covered filter bag wet, the strength of the bag will decrease, the reason is: water will dissolve the alkali in the glass fiber, resulting in surface erosion of the glass fiber, resulting in film shedding, and ultimately affect the life of the bag. Therefore, we should pay attention to the humidity of the bag in use to prevent its condensation.

4, inlet dust concentration:

The dust concentration of the gas treated by the dust collector will directly affect the service life and resistance of the dust filter bag. The thicker the dust layer on the surface of the filter bag, the greater its resistance will be, and the greater the influence on the life of the filter bag will be. If in order to strengthen the filter bag cleaning, cleaning the dust layer in time, shorten the cleaning cycle, this will also increase the filter bag by wear, damage degree, thereby affecting the service life of the bag.

5. Way of air intake:

Different air intake modes of low pressure long bag pulse filter will directly affect the service life of filter bag. The air inlet pipe is directly connected to the ash bucket, and the horizontal pipe should be avoided to prevent ash accumulation. At the same time, the ash bucket should be collected in advance, and the filter bag should not be washed directly, so as to prolong the life of the filter bag.

6. Rising wind speed:

There are two ways to remove ash: online and offline. Online refers to the state of filtration and ash removal at the same time, which is easy to produce dust and dust twice, reduce the ash removal efficiency, and affect the life of the bag. When cleaning ash online, according to experience, the rising wind speed of the bag chamber should be controlled within 1.5m/s. Offline refers to a bag room closed after the air valve, stop the filtering work, so as to carry out the dust, so that there will not be 2 dust phenomenon, so as to protect the bag.

7. The way of ash removal:

The wind speed of off-line cleaning must be higher than the wind speed of online cleaning, which is easier to clean, and can use lower pressure to save energy, especially when applied to glass fiber coated bag, it should be used off-line cleaning way to extend the life of the bag.

8. Other factors

Some details of the design: the distance between the spray tube and the flower board, the nozzle form and size, the distance between the bag and the bag, the distance between the bag and the partition, the number of vertical reinforcement of the bag cage, the distance between the cage and the cage ring, etc. These will affect the service life of the glass fiber coated filter bag.

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