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Features of boiler dust collector

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1. The design of dust removal equipment does not affect the dust removal effect at will. It is small in size, high in wind speed, low in noise, low in energy consumption, and low in maintenance costs.

2. The high temperature dusty gas is cooled down to avoid scalding the filter bag. Affect the dust removal effect or cause a fire. 3. When the dust gas passes through the ash hopper, due to the upward fold change of the airflow, the larger dust particles fall directly into the ash hopper due to their own weight. So as to achieve pre-dust removal.

4. The dust removal equipment adopts sub-chamber pulse dust cleaning work. The dust removal is clean and does not affect the dust removal work, and it can also run the dust removal without stopping the machine. Convenient conditions for maintenance and replacement of the bag cage.

5. Adopt the pulse cleaning method of the compartment. This prolongs the injection time, reduces the energy consumption, reduces the wear of the pulse valve diaphragm and the keel filter bag, and increases the service life of the wearing parts.

What are the advantages of boiler dust collectors filter bags

1. Boiler bag dust collector adopts the technology of split-chamber stop air pulse spraying and ash cleaning. It overcomes the shortcomings of conventional pulse dust collector and sub-chamber blowback dust collector, and has strong dust removal ability. High dust removal efficiency, low emission concentration, low air leakage rate, low energy consumption, low steel consumption, small floor space, stable and reliable operation, and good economic benefits. It is suitable for metallurgy, building materials, cement, machinery, chemical, electric power, light industry industries The purification of dusty gas and the recovery of materials.

2. Because the boiler bag filter adopts the divided room to stop the wind and pulse to blow the dust. The purpose of cleaning dust can be achieved with one injection, so the cleaning cycle is extended, the energy consumption of cleaning is reduced, the consumption of compressed air can be greatly reduced, and the fatigue degree of the filter bag and the pulse valve is also reduced accordingly, thus It doubles the service life of filter bag and valve disc.

3. The maintenance and replacement of bags can be carried out in separate rooms under the condition of non-stop system fan and normal system operation. The filter bag mouth adopts elastic expansion ring, which has good sealing performance and is firm and reliable. The filter bag keel adopts a polygonal shape, which reduces the friction between the bag and the keel, extends the life of the bag, and is easy to unload the bag.

4. The boiler bag dust collector bag filter adopts the upper bag extraction method. After the skeleton is drawn out when changing the bag, the dirty bag is put into the ash hopper at the lower part of the box. It is taken out from the manhole, which improves the operating conditions of bag changing.

5. The box body adopts airtight design with good sealing performance. The inspection door uses excellent sealing materials, and the air leakage rate is very low.

6. The inlet and outlet channels are arranged compactly, and the airflow resistance is small. 7. The dust collector is equipped with a heat preservation device. Prevent condensation of flue gas at low temperature.

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