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Follow the dust air filter bag steps correctly

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1. In order to prevent the bag of the bag filter from being damaged, care must be taken during installation. Avoid sharp objects scratching the bag. Do not stand or kneel on the cloth bag during installation, and be very careful when holding the cloth bag, do not let anything hit the cloth bag, especially the bag mouth of the cloth bag can not be pressed, so as not to damage the bag mouth.

2. When installing, first put the sheath for protecting the cloth bag into the hole of the flower plate, then stand on the flower plate, shake the cloth bag open, and insert it into the flower plate along the sheath hole. The bag seams should be in the same direction, facing away from the air inlet. The cloth bag falls under its own weight. After the cloth bag is completely put down, remove the cloth bag sheath. The bag opening ring is embedded on the flower board, and the top of the bag is shaken to expand the ring, so that the stitching of the bag is naturally vertical. When walking, try to avoid your feet touching the mouth of the cloth bag to prevent the cloth bag from falling off.

3. Usually, the cooperation between the skeleton of the bag filter and the dust bag should be tight. If it is too tight to fit in, check the size of the bag and the skeleton. The dust removal skeleton cannot be twisted and turned, otherwise the bag will be damaged and the vertical seam of the bag will be twisted. After the skeleton of the bag filter is installed, make a visual inspection in the hopper to see if it has too much contact with the bottom of the bag.

4. The inspection ratio of bag length should be 10% of the total. If the gap between the bag and the bottom of the skeleton exceeds 50mm, it means that the bag of the bag filter is too long and needs to be replaced. If more than 10% of the inspected bags are too long, full inspection is required.

5. A blowing pipe should be installed above each row of bags of the bag filter. When installing, the blowing pipe should be positioned with the blowing pipe positioning die attached with the bag as the benchmark, so that the nozzle holes of the blowing pipe and the center of the bag are aligned with each other. Each blowing pipe is connected to the external air bag through a steel joint close to the frame of the dust collector. The other end of the blowing pipe is fixed on the clamping bracket. Venturi coaxial.

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