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How to choose a dust filter bag suitable for working conditions?

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The design of the fiber fabrics of different dust-removing bags is to pursue high-efficiency filtration as much as possible, and pursue a longer service cycle. How should we choose a dust bag suitable for working conditions? 

The dust filter bag is a key component of the bag filter. Generally, it needs to be determined according to the acid-base performance of the dust, the chemical nature of the gas containing the dust, the temperature of the working condition, etc., so it is different in various working conditions. The focus of selection is also different.

  1. According to the nature of the gas under the working conditions, choose a suitable dust filter bag that is resistant to high temperature or humidity

  1. Temperature: If the temperature is lower than 130 degrees, you can choose the conventional dust filter bag, such as polyester dust bag. If the temperature is greater than 130 degrees, you need to choose the high temperature dust bag, such as flumesi dust bag, PTFE dust bag, etc.

  2. Humidity: The choice of gas humidity. The product engineering department of Xinwei Environmental Protection, based on actual working condition experience and test conclusions, when the relative humidity of the gas in the working condition is greater than 30%, we should choose a waterproof dust filter bag with a film.

3. Acid-base: Fully consider the acid-base properties in the working conditions. Various types of kiln boilers often contain acid-base properties. The different performances are corrosive working conditions, so it is necessary to choose different anti-acids according to the working conditions. Dust bag with alkali or anti-oxidation properties.

   2. Select dust bag according to the special nature of dust

   1. The wettability and adhesion of dust.

   If the dust is dust-absorptive and has strong adhesion, choose a dust filter bag with a waterproof membrane filter material.

  2. The combustibility of dust and nuclear power.

  Some dusts are flammable, so you should choose a dust-removing bag with flame-retardant properties. Dust filter bags are specially used for nuclear power dust.

   Three. Select the dust bag according to the dust removal method of the dust collector.

   1. Mechanical vibration type bag filter.

   It is required to choose a filter material that is thin and smooth, and has a soft texture, which is conducive to the transmission of vibration waves, such as PTFE dust bag.

  2, back blow bag type dust collector

  Pulse bag filter usually adopts outer filter round bag with frame. It is required to use thick, wear-resistant, and strong tension resistance, such as Aramid  dust bag.

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