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How to clean oily dust filter bag

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1. When washing the dust filter bag, the first step is to clean the dust. Use high-frequency triggering to remove the larger dust particles entering the wall of the dust filter bag. The strength should be controlled so that the fiber entanglement fastness cannot be produced. The limitation of the influence is to maintain the goodness of the filter bag and the easy peeling of the dirt.      

2. After cleaning the dust, you can carry out chemical tests, extract cloth bag samples, and use professional equipment to inspect the oily components on the filter bag, so as to select suitable washing materials, and rinse the dust filter bag to the maximum without causing any impact on the filter bag . Drug soaking: soak the filter bag in a suitable chemical agent to remove the oily dirt in the cracks of the filter bag.       

3. The filter bag is then rinsed, the washing materials are strictly proportioned and rinsed with low-temperature water, the water flow is uniform and the strength is moderate, and the filter bag cannot be damaged. Then the cleaned filter bag is dried with hot air at about 110°C. This temperature can maintain the dimensional stability of the filter bag, and will not cause deformation and shrinkage of the filter bag after drying.        

4. Perform physical index inspection on the dried filter bag to ensure that the filter bag meets the quality requirements after washing, and repair the dust filter bag that is worn and corroded during the application process.

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