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How to extend the use life of air dust filter bags

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Extend the dust filter bag using life matters needing attention.

1) The old filter bag should not be mixed with the new process to avoid the normal work of dust removal equipment affected by different damage time.

2) the aging of the filter bag, mainly due to the following reasons, must be investigated, take measures to eliminate and replace the dust filter bag, (1) due to abnormal high temperature and hardening and contraction, (2) due to the vapor contact reaction with acid, alkali or organic solvent, (3) reaction with water.

3), the press cloth should not be hung too loose or too tight, too loose is easy to accumulate dust, too tight easy to pull the normal temperature filter bag.

4), the replacement of the filter bag, first blow with compressed air, and then check whether there is a hole, there are holes to be replaced after repair, such as dust paste bag, wash with water, cool dry after leaving for replacement.

5), dust filter bag of congestion, bag when congestion occurs, increase resistance, can be increased by differential pressure meter reading, bag jam is bag wear, perforation, fall off wait for a phenomenon, the main reasons for the cause of dust filter bag jam, according to the following table for inspection and maintenance, fluorine beautiful bag is generally adopt the following measures:(1) temporarily strengthen dust removal to eliminate the clogging of the filter bag, (2) partially or completely replace the filter bag, (3) adjust the installation and operating conditions.

In dust removal process, when the dust particles gas through the filter, dust particles may be set on the outer surface of the filter pocket, while the clean gas through the filter material to the interior of the filter bag, filter bag inside the dust cage frame is used to support the filter bag, to prevent the collapse of the filter bag, at the same time it also helps the removal of the dust cake and redistribution.

1, burning pressure treatment.

High temperature resistant filter bags.

This kind of treatment is mainly used to burn the fluff on the surface of the fast walking cloth, and then use the high temperature roller to iron the surface of the cloth, so as to make the surface of the cloth smooth and easy to remove dust. This not only improves the performance of the filter material to remove ash, but also meets the collection of fine dust.

2, antistatic treatment.

Some dust in the specified concentration state, encounter sparks will be easy to burn, so for flammable or explosive dust must choose after antistatic treatment of needle felt filter material

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