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How to prolong the service life of air dust filter bags?

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When designing the bag filter, increasing the filtering wind speed will not cause any obvious response from users in a short period of time, but greatly shorten the service life of the filter bag. So, how to prolong the service life of the dust filter bag?

1. Select the appropriate filter material

The selection of filter material should be comprehensively considered according to factors such as gas temperature, chemical properties, filtration speed, cleaning method, emission concentration and the working system of the bag filter. In general, needle-punched felt is used for pulse jet bag filter; woven fabric is used for sub-chamber back-blowing bag filter or mechanical rapping bag filter.

2. Reasonable design of the structure

The structure of the dust filter bag should meet the requirements of filtration and dust removal of the matching bag filter, and the installation is convenient and the sealing is reliable. The sewing size should meet the design requirements, and the heat shrinkable size should be reserved according to the type of filter material and the temperature of use. The stitching distance is reasonable, the stitching meets the requirements, and there is no burr or breakage to damage the filter bag. It will not be damaged or damp during storage and transportation. The glass fiber filter bag should not be under heavy pressure and the storage period will be too long, otherwise the service life will be affected.

The installation method of the external filter bag is that the bag mouth and the porous plate are reliably sealed and fixed, the filter bag is suspended vertically under the porous plate, the adjacent filter bags do not collide with each other, the filter bag and the frame are properly matched, and the frame is straight and free of burrs. The installation method of the inner filter bag is that the upper end of the filter bag is equipped with a bag cap and suspended on the beam of the dust collector through the hanging device, the lower end and the lower bag are reliably sealed and fixed, and the tension is adjusted to reach the specified value, so that the filter bag can be filtered and reversed. Does not loosen and fall off when blowing.

During the use of the filter bag, the dust should be effectively cleaned and isolated, so that the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the filter bag should be kept within the set range. When the dust collector is running, it should be prevented from sudden abnormal situations, such as temperature, humidity, chemical corrosion, mechanical wear or impact and other factors exceeding the tolerance of the dust filter bag and damage.

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