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How to provide filter bag usage efficiency

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As people continue to strengthen their awareness of environmental protection, many companies filter in production facilities to reduce the emission of harmful gases. When purchasing a dust collector, you not only need to buy a good product, but also need to choose the filter bag and choose the right equipment, and then you can play a good role in these equipment and ensure the normal operation of the company.

1. The old filter bag should not be mixed with the new process, so as to avoid different damage times affecting the normal operation of the dust removal equipment.

2. Avoid the aging of the cloth bag. The main research is due to the analysis of the reasons for the following problems, and it is necessary to conduct a cause inquiry, adopt elimination management methods and replace the dust  filter bags. Hardening and shrinking due to abnormal high temperature; adverse reaction due to contact with acid, alkali or vapor of organic solvent; change reaction with moisture.

Dust filter bag

3. The filter cloth hanging is not too loose or too tight, too loose is easy to dust, and it is easy to be stretched and damaged.

4. For the replaced cloth bag, first use a compression and air blow to clean it, and then check whether there are any holes. After the holes are repaired, they can be replaced. If the filter bag is covered by dust, rinse it with water, and leave it after drying.

5. Avoid blocking when using the dust bag. When the cloth bag is blocked, the resistance will continue to increase, which can be shown by the gradual increase in the reading of the differential pressure gauge. Clogged bags are the main cause of problems such as wear, perforation, and shedding of a bag. The cause of the blockage of the dust bag can be checked and repaired. General enterprises adopt the following solutions: temporarily strengthen the cleaning to eliminate the blockage of the cloth bags; partially or completely replace the cloth bags; adjust the filter bag device and operating conditions.

Dust Filter Bags are widely used in steel, cement, chemical industry, power plants, road construction, metallurgy, food processing and so on.

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