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How to solve the problem of dust accumulation in the dust collector bag filter

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1. Untimely discharge of ash


Shorten the ash discharge interval according to the working conditions, and discharge ash once per shift and twice a day. For combustible and explosive dust, it should be continuously unloaded with the production.

2. Air leakage from the ash discharge port

In the bag filter working under negative pressure, when there is air leakage at the ash discharge port of the bag filter, it is difficult to discharge the dust due to the action of the airflow, and even the ash hopper of the bag filter cannot be discharged at all; when the fan stops running, the dust can be smoothly unloaded. This phenomenon can be used to determine whether the ash discharge port is leaking.


If the ash unloading device with air lock function is not installed, an additional ash unloading device can be installed; if there is an ash unloading device, the air leakage of the ash discharge port is caused by poor sealing performance. Measures should be taken to enhance the sealing performance of the ash discharge device.

3. The amount of ash unloading is too small

Due to the unreasonable selection of devices such as the ash discharge valve of the bag filter, the ash discharge capacity is too small, or the ash discharge equipment and the ash discharge channel are blocked due to dust adhesion, which are the reasons for the ash discharge amount.

4. Dust bridge in the ash hopper

When the ash unloading device is running, check the outlet of the ash unloading device or the ash conveying device. If the amount of dust discharged is small or no dust is discharged at all, it is very likely that there is a bridging phenomenon in the ash hopper.


Install a vibrator (or arch breaker) on the wall of the ash hopper. Under the conditions that the bag filter is easy to condense, the dust is easy to absorb moisture, and the fluidity is poor, each hopper can be equipped with a vibrator (or arch breaker) in each direction. It can also be removed by using air cannons to break down bridges, manual knocking or poke, or digging bridges.

5. Dust is attached or even bonded due to moisture

After the dust is wet, it tends to adhere to the inner surface of the bag filter box. During the operation of the bag filter, the fluctuation of temperature will make the dust adhere more and thicker, and the texture will become hard. Some dusts (such as waste incineration fumes, etc.) can even harden on the wall of the bag filter hopper to form a hard "gully". This will further hinder the discharge of the baghouse dust.


In order to prevent the dust from sticking to the inner wall of the bag filter box due to moisture, it is necessary to strengthen the heat preservation and heat tracing measures for the bag filter hopper. For the moisture and adhesion of the dust caused by condensation, the temperature of the bag filter box should be appropriately increased to make it higher than the condensation temperature.

When this situation has occurred, the ash discharge port should be cleared in time and the accumulated ash should be removed, and the wall surface of the bag filter box should be kept as smooth as possible.

6. The design of the ash hopper is unreasonable

The design of the ash hopper of the bag filter is unreasonable. The slope of the ash hopper is too small and the inner wall is not smooth enough, which affects the fluidity of the dust, resulting in residual dust in the ash hopper of the bag filter that cannot slide down.


The inclination angle of the ash hopper should not be less than 55-60°, and the inner wall should be smooth. The arc-shaped steel plates with R=200 are welded at the four corners to eliminate "dead corners". A rapping device is installed on the wall of the ash hopper, and each ash hopper is equipped with two 1.1KW electric vibrators. At the same time, each ash hopper is equipped with a vertical striking surface that can be hit with a sledgehammer and extends 300mm from the outer edge of the ash hopper reinforcement rib in the horizontal direction. Its installation position is on the adjacent side wall of the ash bucket.

7. The power of the ash hopper heating device is small, and the installation position is not reasonable enough.

8, debris blockage

When the welding electrode head, iron wire, scrap iron pieces, bolts, nuts, tools, cotton yarn, straw and waste paper scraps left in the electric field are between the dust collecting electrode and the discharging electrode, the operating voltage and corona current will decrease. , it shows that the pointer of the meter continuously shakes with a relatively stable amplitude. When the electrode is ripped, the shaking is more severe. Once the foreign object is shaken off or is in a position that does not affect the power supply of the electric field, the voltage and current will return to normal immediately.

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