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How to the use the pulse dust bag filter

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1. The dust filter bag needs to be overhauled and replaced in time, and it is best to replace the filter bag in a batch, otherwise it will cause uneven filter load, which will make the newly replaced filter bag bear the filter load due to the lower resistance, resulting in the service life of the new filter bag Shorter than the old one.

2. Every week, you need to open the dust collector to check the door, check whether each filter bag is normal, whether there is too much powder on the surface, and find the reason, eliminate the problem, and stop the machine in time if the problem is found, find the reason, and use it after repair.

3. If the bag filter is not equipped with a fully automatic pressure difference pulse control system, the staff should at least record the work during the production work: for example, record the resistance pressure difference of the dust collector once every hour, and the blackness of flue gas emission every 1 hour Observe once, so in order to detect it is best to install a control system, so that all the above indicators can monitor signal transmission in real time, control and alarm in time.

4. If there is no automatic blowdown valve, manually open the blowdown ball valve at the bottom of the air bag every day to drain the oil and water in the air bag.

Affect the filter state and service life of the filter bag of the pulse bag filter

1. In the process of removing the dust frame of the dust removal accessories of the device, it is very likely that the phenomenon of damage to the dust removal bag will occur, and then the service life of the dust removal bag will be shortened or cannot be used, especially in the production of slag cement.

2. The quality of the  filter bag cage of the dust removal accessories does not meet the requirements of the dust removal industry, and the dust filter bag is not installed in accordance with the prescribed framework device methods and requirements. The bag mouth is not stuck in the multi-plate hole of the dust collector or the dust bag is placed irregularly When using the board, there is a phenomenon of bag dropping or dust entering the box through the hole of the flower board, and then the dust collector loses its own dust removal function.

3. Mismatching of the raw materials for making dust-removing accessories dust filter bag, cloth bag and temperature, and working conditions do not match, which will also cause the dust collector to fail.

4. The shape of the flower plate is irregular or the quality is poor, and the edge of the dust filter bag conflicts with the edge of the flower plate hole, which shortens the life of the dust filter bag.

5. Due to lack of experience, the dust filter bag is often used after being washed with water, causing the dust filter bag to filter, collide and hook the dust, weaken the diffusion effect, and increase the resistance.

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