Installation of filter bag cage

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-06-24      Origin: Site


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Installation of filter  bag cage 

After the filter bag is installed, the filter bag cage should be put into the filter bag to prevent stepping on the bag mouth during the installation process, causing the filter bag mouth to be deformed or fall out of the ash hopper

Before the filter bags cage is put into the filter bag, it must be strictly checked for deformation, burrs, desoldering, bending, etc. The filter bag cage with quality problems cannot be use

Put the filter bags cage that meets the requirements into the filter bag vertically (90° to the cell plate), and gently place it on the bottom of the filter bag to prevent the cage from falling suddenly or colliding. 

If the angle of the filter bag cage is not perpendicular to the cell plate when the cage is put down, it may cause the bag (cage) to collide or rub against the adjacent filter bag or the inner wall of the dust collector or the partition, which will affect the service life of the filter bag, and it is also easy to scratch the PTFE membrane filter bag. And caused the bag to fail or break prematurely

When installing a pulsed blowpipe, you must ensure that the blowhole of the blowpipe is aligned with the center of the filter bag (bag cage), and fix the blowpipe to prevent the pulse pipe from shifting or falling off due to the pulse vibration, which affects the bag service life.


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