Introduction of installation method of dust filter bag cages

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-02-17      Origin: Site


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The frame of the dust filter bag is an important accessory of the dust filter bag. It should be light and easy to install and maintain. The quality of the frame directly affects the filter state and service life of the filter bag. Our company introduces advanced frame manufacturing equipment, and uses a high-frequency welding machine to weld the frame at one time. Use iron wire or stainless steel wire with sufficient strength and rigidity. Galvanizing, plastic spraying, silicone plating and other treatment methods. The skeleton treated by the company's silicone technology can completely replace the stainless steel skeleton, which can greatly reduce the maintenance cost of the equipment. Application range of dust removal skeleton: It can be used in different heavy metal industries, and it has an important role and contribution. The electrolytic aluminum industry mainly adopts the dust removal skeleton flue gas purification technology. There are also more and more dust removal skeletons with m3/h air volume. The flue gas purification of copper, lead, zinc and other smelting furnaces should use bag filter. On the whole, the transformation of the non-ferrous metallurgical industry is an arduous task, so there is a greater demand for dust bag skeletons. The dust removal process of the dust removal frame can effectively ensure that it plays an important contribution and role in the dust removal work.

Installation method of dust bag skeleton:

The installation of the skeleton of the dust filter bag is an important part of the manufacture of the dust collector. There is a common understanding in the dust removal industry: the quality of the dust collector is three points of production and seven points of installation. The installation of the cloth bag is the most important link in the installation of the bag filter, and the installation of the skeleton will determine whether the cloth bag can work normally for a long time in the service cycle.

The first choice is the inspection before installation: before installation, the bag cage used must be carefully inspected. Since there may be damage or damage in the previous links, the inspection before installation is the last link to avoid damage to the filter bag and ensure the high-quality operation of the dust collector. All the bag cages to be used should be checked one by one, and any flaws should not be missed. For unusable products checked out, reasonable disposal measures should be taken before they can be used for installation.

The second is to check the cooperation between the dust bag and the bag cage during installation: because the bag filter has very high requirements on the degree of cooperation between the flower plate, the bag and the bag cage, it is necessary to strictly control the relationship between the bag cage and the bag cage when installing the bag cage. If the clearance exceeds the technical requirements, replace it immediately.

Re-inspection after the final installation: After the bag cage is installed, check the installation of all the bag cages, determine the quality of the installation one by one, and focus on checking the cooperation between the top cover of the bag cage and the bag mouth and the stability of the bag cage performance.


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