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Introduction to the specific cleaning steps of the dust filter bag

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After the dust bag is used for a long time, more and more dust is deposited on the surface, and the dust removal efficiency will decrease. Now what are the steps of the cleaning method of the dust bag, here is an introduction for you.

Cleaning of dust bag: choose appropriate detergent and strictly proportion. Low temperature water cleaning, uniform water flow, moderate strength, reduce mechanical damage to the bag.

Repair of dust removal bags: Repair the damaged cloth bags caused by corrosion and friction during use to ensure a high recycling rate.

Cleaning of the dust bag: high-frequency vibration is used to remove all the larger dust particles adhering to the wall of the bag, which will not affect the fiber structure of the bag and maintain the good function of the bag.

Drug soaking in dust removal bags: Use appropriate chemical agents to soak the dust removal bags to remove the oily dirt in the gaps of the fibers of the bags, and restore the air permeability of the bags to the greatest extent.

Drying of the dust bag: Use hot air drying at about 110°C to maintain the dimensional stability of the dust bag, and the bag will not deform or shrink after drying.

Quality inspection and packaging of dust removal bags: The dust removal bags that are completely cleaned and up to the standard are transported to the designated warehouse for delivery after strict quality inspection, sub-packaging, and pasting the inspection certificate.

Chemical experimental treatment of the dust removal bag: extract the bag sample, and use the instrument to test the oil content of the dust removal bag, so as to select suitable washing materials, and clean the bag to the maximum extent without causing any damage to the bag.

Detection: Use instruments to test the physical indicators of the cleaned cloth bags to ensure that the cleaning quality meets the requirements. After cleaning, all aspects of the dust collector bag have returned to normal, and the air permeability and dimensional stability have returned to normal. The question of how long it can be used depends on the workload and working environment of the dust collector. The specific time cannot be determined. After cleaning, it can be used for 1 year without any problems. When cleaning, find some large cleaning manufacturers to prevent small manufacturers from lagging behind and damaging the dust collector bag.

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