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Maintenance and overhaul of dust bag filter

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Maintenance of bag filter

   1. When the bag filter is under maintenance, first cut off the power supply. The operator must carry the key of the operation panel and hang a sign "under maintenance, no operation" on the operation panel.

         2. The transmission devices such as rapping device, star unloader, exhaust fan, etc., such as couplings, transmission belts, transmission coupling wheels, etc. must be equipped with protective covers to prevent the bolts from loosening and the belts and chains are broken. Hurt people.

  3. During the daily inspection or operation, the operator must strictly prevent the clothes from being twisted into the transmission device when the fault is temporarily handled. When entering the ash hopper to clean the ash or entering the filter bag room to hang the bag, you must wear labor protection equipment to prevent dust from getting the eyes or burning the skin.

  4. For bag dust collectors that handle flammable and explosive dust gas, such as bag dust collectors used in coal mills, the dust in the dust collector should be removed frequently to prevent combustion or explosion, and fire should be prevented from entering. It is strictly forbidden to use electric welding or gas welding to repair the pipeline or shell during operation.

  5. For the positive pressure glass fiber bag filter that handles high temperature gas, when it enters the gas distribution chamber to hang the filter bag in summer, measures should be taken to prevent heat stroke.

  6. When entering the dust collector for treatment of harmful and toxic gases, it is necessary to prevent possible hypoxia and harmful gas poisoning accidents, and the gas in the system can be replaced with air.

   7. After the overhaul is over, you must carefully check whether there are tools or other sundries falling into the equipment. Check whether the protective covers are properly installed, and do not rush into it.

   8. When the equipment of the dust collection system is turned on and off, you must contact other positions and agree to drive or stop in the order of on and off specified in the operating regulations.

   Bag dust collector overhaul

  1. Maintenance of the dust hood The main maintenance items of the dust hood are as follows:

  A. Whether the position of the mobile dust hood is correct.

  B. Deformed or damaged state.

  C. Whether the connection part with the pipe is intact.

  D. Dust accumulation situation and clean it up.

  E. If a water cooling device is installed, check the drainage volume. Drain temperature and whether there is leakage, keep the cooling normal

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