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Measures to reduce the moisture content of the dust filter bag

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1. Reasonable control of material moisture

The materials required for production in some industries have high moisture content and high temperature, and a large amount of steam is generated after entering the bag filter. Before entering the bag filter, the raw materials, fuels and mixed materials should be aired to dry the moisture, and drying equipment can be installed to dry the mixed materials to reduce moisture. The materials are stacked in a fixed shed to prevent the materials from being rained and increase the moisture content, which is also an effective measure to reduce the moisture content of the materials.

2. Reduce the air leakage of the bag filter body

Air leaks from the gaps in the bag filter body, and the heat preservation effect is not good. Once the outside air penetrates into the bag filter, it will reduce the temperature in the bag filter, resulting in temperature exchange. The leakage of cold air makes the dust-laden flue gas like dew point temperature Close, the temperature is greatly reduced, so the bag filter condenses and generates a large amount of water vapor. The air leakage of the bag filter should be controlled below 3.5%. If the air leakage occurs again, it should be checked and repaired as soon as possible. Don't ignore its influence because the air leakage of the bag filter is not serious. The operating conditions of the bag filter are deteriorated, and the condensation phenomenon of the bag filter will be caused accordingly.

3. Dusty flue gas is evenly distributed

The dust-laden flue gas should be uniformly distributed in the bag filter to prevent eddy currents from appearing at the corners, which will reduce the amount of gas passing through the bag filter and cause local low temperature to cause condensation problems. The temperature of the dust-laden flue gas in the bag filter is higher than the dew point temperature

4. Condensation occurs in the bag filter

If the temperature of the flue gas treated by the bag filter is close to or lower than the dew point temperature, condensation will occur, and there is a lot of water vapor on the surface of the bag filter. When dealing with such dusty flue gas, it is best to take some effective heating measures on the flue gas, so that the flue gas temperature is higher than the dew point temperature by more than 30 ℃, so as to ensure that the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the bag filter is small, which is to reduce the bag dust removal. An effective measure for water vapor.

The high moisture content of dusty flue gas is very harmful. If the moisture content of the bag filter is still not small after the above measures are taken, it is recommended to use waterproof and anti-condensation water-repellent and oil-proof dust-proof cloth bags or PTFE-coated dust-proof cloth bags, which can effectively Reduce the impact on the dust capture efficiency of the bag filter, and at the same time strengthen the daily maintenance and management of the bag filter, and deal with the problem of the bag filter in time.

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