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PTFE Membrane dust filter bag Details

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PTFE, or polytetrafluoroethylene, also known as Teflon, is one of the most sophisticated types of bag filter materials. China Filter environmental protection in the waste incineration high temperature dust removal industry is the most widely used, the industry has the highest praise of the filter material filter material.

Polytetrafluoroethylene synthetic fiber filter bag is a unique material made of filter bag, in 240℃ continuous operation temperature, instantaneous 260℃ temperature conditions, can withstand all PH value range of acid and alkali erosion. Polytetrafluoroethylene synthetic fiber filter bag has excellent self-moistening, no moisture absorption, and can withstand ultraviolet radiation. But the wear resistance of PTFE fiber filter material is general, so there are strict requirements for the filter bag frame (finish). PTFE fiber filter bag is more suitable for corrosion resistance of harsh conditions, filter material service life requirements of the occasion.

Polytetrafluoroethylene synthetic fiber filter bag is generally used in coal-fired boiler, waste incineration, carbon black production, titanium dioxide (TiO2) production and other processes of flue gas treatment, in some metal primary smelting, refining and chemical production processes are also applied.

PTFE membrane filter bag production is based on a set of strict production technology and separate manufacturing, from the longitude and weft tensile PTFE microporous film.

Coated filter bags are attached to different needle felt surfaces using pressure and high temperature. In the process of fitting with thermoplastic fiber felt, we use special surface treatment technology to treat the surface of the felt first, and then coated with PTFE film. Non-thermoplastic fiber felt must be treated with Teflon and then coated with PTFE. In addition, some special fibers need to be surface treated by special chemical methods to achieve the strongest bonding effect.

PTFE films have micropore diameters ranging from 0.1-3.5μm, and micropore porosity reaches 75-90%. Such a high micropore porosity is sufficient to allow a large amount of dense water vapor to pass freely, due to the fact that tiny water vapor molecules can freely diffuse through the pores of the film. However, PTFE of vablue is extremely hydrophobic, and water cannot penetrate the microporous film. Because PTFE has excellent corrosion resistance to any chemical, so PTFE film can be used in a variety of different chemical production processes.

Advantages of PTFE membrane filter bag:

The surface filtration is realized, and the dust emission is almost zero, which can meet the strict emission standards of each country.

The best dust cake shedding performance, improve the ventilation of dust collecting equipment, reduce the pressure drop of dust collecting equipment.

Prolong the service life of the PTFE membrane filter bag, reduce the dust cleaning cycle and power consumption, save the maintenance cost of dust collecting equipment.

Improve the filter wind speed of dust collecting equipment, reduce and reduce the use of dust collecting equipment volume and investment cost.

Due to the low voltage drop in operation, the power consumption of dust collecting equipment is reduced.

Reduce the total investment cost and operation cost of dust collecting equipment, increase production capacity and expand product profit.

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