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PTFE filter bag Application

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Application of PTFE filter bag in waste incineration treatment.

1. PTFE filter bags are an important field of waste incineration applications. The combustion of the incinerator produces a large number of pollutants with the following characteristics: particles, acid gases, heavy metals and toxic organic pollutants in the flue gas ①; ② high water content, high dew point temperature, and filter pod shrinkage; ③ high temperature flue gas interaction ; ④ The hygroscopic particles generated after deacidification of flue gas are not blocked or difficult to clean; ⑤ Strong corrosive flue gas. Applying PTFE filter bag to waste incineration flue gas purification can achieve better purification effect.

2. PTFE filter bags are used in the development of coal-fired power plants.

Coal combustion in coal-fired power plants produces large amounts of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and particulates. Due to the good performance of PTFE bags, PTFE filter bags can greatly reduce the smoke and dust emissions of factories in high temperature environments. In addition, the PTFE filter bag material can effectively absorb particles. In China, each power sector uses a diesel generator set with a unit area of 0.3 square kilometers, and the filter area is 1.92 million square meters.

3. PTFE filter bag application - the development of cement industry.

With the continuous improvement of energy conservation and emission reduction requirements, the traditional electric precipitator used in the cement industry has been unable to meet the new national emission standards. The bag filter made of traditional polytetrafluoroethylene filter bag can reduce the emission of air pollutants, increase the output, reduce the cost and save energy when reusing the cement powder..

4. Application of PTFE filter bag in the field of laboratory purification

PTFE filter bag is an advanced indoor air purification technology with good stability and corrosion resistance. Under the same biological characteristics, it has high fluidity and is very suitable for food, medicine, medical and other industries The purification effect can effectively meet the filtration requirements. PTFE filter bags have great economic value and technical potential in the above industries.

5. PTFE filter bag for single crystal furnace boiler dust collector, φ100*600/1000/1200mm

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