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Points to consider when choosing a dust filter bag

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The fabric design of the normal temperature dust collector filter bag should try to pursue high-efficiency filtration, easy dust stripping and durable effects. The dust filter bag is an important accessory in the dust collector. The bag filter generally selects the required dust bag according to the nature of the dust-containing gas, the nature of the dust and the dust removal method of the dust collector. Therefore, the focus of selecting the dust filter bag is to pay attention Also different.

First, according to the requirements of the working conditions, choose a cost-effective dust bag.

1. Gas temperature. When the gas temperature is lower than 130℃, choose a normal temperature dust bag, and when the temperature is between 130℃ and 260℃, choose a high temperature dust filter bag.

2. Gas humidity. Dust-laden gas is divided into three states according to relative humidity: dry gas (relative humidity below 30%), general state (relative humidity between 30%-80%) and high-humidity gas (relative humidity above 80%). When the gas humidity is high, a film-coated tarpaulin bag should be selected.

3. The chemical nature of the gas. In various furnace flue gas and chemical waste gas, there are often chemical components such as acid, alkali, oxidant, organic solvent and so on. When choosing a filter bag, a dust bag with acid resistance, alkali resistance and oxidation resistance should be reasonably selected according to the chemical composition contained in the flue gas.

2. According to the special nature of the dust, choose the dust filter bag.

1. The wettability and adhesion of dust. If the dust is hygroscopic and sticky, choose a dust bag with waterproof membrane filter material.

2. The flammability and chargeability of dust. Some dusts are flammable, then a flame retardant dust bag should be selected. Dust bags are specially designed for charged dust.

3. Select the dust bag according to the cleaning method of the dust collector.

1. Mechanical vibration bag filter. It is required to choose a dust bag with a thin and smooth filter material and a soft texture, which is conducive to the transmission of vibration waves.

2. Backflushing type bag filter. The filter bag should be selected with soft texture, stable structure and good wear resistance.

3. Pulse bag filter. The outer filter round bag with frame is usually used. It is required to choose thick, wear-resistant and strong tensile strength.

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