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Points to pay attention to when choosing dust filter bags

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Points to pay attention to when choosing dust filter bags

Dust filter bags are often used in some industries, but many industrial businesses do not know how to buy suitable filter bags, because some filter bags will break after being used for a period of time. The person in charge of the industry feels a headache about this, and they are thinking about it. What can I do to make a good quality dust bag? Next, the dust bag manufacturer will introduce the problems that need to be paid attention to when buying a dust bag?

1. First understand the temperature of the flue gas to be processed, whether it is high temperature or low temperature; then understand the content of dust, how large the specific gravity, how much particle size, whether it is viscous, the moisture content of the flue gas and other parameters ;

  2. Understand the dust removal methods of dust collectors, the treatment methods of dust bag filter materials and the filtration wind speed of these resolutions. Under normal circumstances, the amount of dust is large, and the dust is relatively sticky and light. The pulse bag filter is used. Most of the filtering wind speed is controlled above 1.2m/min, and a small number of working conditions are below 1m/min. Others depend on the situation, and can use high-pressure back-blowing dust collectors and cyclones dust collectors;

3. The treatment method of the filter material-generally microporous film, water and oil repellent, anti-static (conducting yarn when weaving), easy to clean, etc.; then it is also very important to understand the amount of flue gas that needs to be processed: the treatment of dust collector The air volume is generally the air volume of the working condition plus the system air leakage coefficient (10%~15%);

  4. Gas temperature: The temperature of dusty gas is an important factor in the selection of dust filter bags. Generally, dust-containing gas less than 120°C is called normal temperature gas, and dust-containing gas greater than 120°C is called high-temperature gas, so cloth bags can be divided into two categories, namely, room temperature filter bags lower than 120°C and temperature higher than 120°C. °C high temperature filter bags. For this reason, the appropriate cloth bag should be selected according to the temperature of the dust-containing gas. Some people call the gas at 120°C~200°C as medium-temperature gas, but the high-temperature type is often selected for filter bags. The temperature resistance of filter bags has two types: "continuous temperature resistance" and "instant temperature resistance": "Continuous temperature resistance refers to the temperature at which the filter bags can run continuously for a long time, and the cloth bag should be selected at this temperature; instantaneous temperature resistance" refers to the daily temperature of the filter bags. High temperature of more than 10 minutes is not allowed. If the time is too long, the bag will age or soften and deform;

5. When choosing dust fifilter bags, it is necessary to grasp the main factors and comprehensively consider the chemical composition of the dust-containing gas.

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