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Pre-coating for dust filter bag

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-03-18      Origin: Site


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The purpose of pre-coating for dust filter bags 

After filter bag installation, followed two works are fluorescent powder leakage detection, pre-coated with ash. Before the dust collector is used for the first time, the filter bag must be pre-coated with ash in cold state to ensure the thickness of the pre-coated ash layer and the uniformity of the pre-coated ash layer, so as to ensure the service life of the filter bag.

The general steps of pre-coating are as follows:

(1)The pre-coating shall be completed before the boiler is fired.

(2)The dust collector operator open the inlet and outlet lifting valves of room #1.Close other inlet and outlet lifting valves. Close the feeding machine insert board, do not pour oil, operate the powder system and powder feeding machine.

(3)Start the boiler blower and induced draft fan.

(4)On - site and disc secondary damper open to 100%.

(5)After the blower and induced draft fan plate have been adjusted, the differential pressure in each room should be maintained at about 100Pa, and the pre-coated door should be opened. During the pre-coating process, the general air volume is not adjusted to keep the coating uniform.

(6)The pre-coated ash should be added slowly (the mesh number of pre-coated ash should be as fine as possible, mesh number ≤200 mesh, humidity < 1%), and the fan baffle opening degree should be about 30%.

(7)Each filter bag needs about 1KG ash (6m long filter bag).

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