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Precautions for maintenance of dust collector filter bag

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-06-28      Origin: Site


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Precautions for maintenance of dust collector and filter bag

1. Compressed air

1.1The compressed air used for dust removal must be clean, dry and oil-free. The compressed air must be supplied in sufficient quantity to meet the blowing requirements, and the pressure in the compressed air distributor (air filter bag) must meet the specified standards; the use of compressed air that does not meet the standards has the following hazards

A.Compressed air that does not meet the standard will cause failures in the opening and closing of the pulse valve. Excessive compressed air injected into the filter bag will cause damage to the bag or premature failure .

B.Compressed air that does not meet the standard will cause partial condensation of the filter bag, and even corrosion of the filter bag, bag cage, blow pipe and other accessories

1.2 Check whether the pressure gauges and pressure reducing valves are working properly at any time, and regularly maintain.

1.3 Regularly perform drainage, sewage maintenance and overhaul of compressed air bags, check whether the compressed air filter triples are working properly, and maintain in time;

1.4Regularly inspect and maintain the electromagnetic pulse valve to ensure normal operation.

1.5 The source of compressed air must meet the ISO8573-188 standard (equivalent to the GB-T1327791 standard)

2.Precautions for daily maintenance of dust collector

2.1 Each time the front-end equipment of dust collector is out of service, it is recommended to keep the dust collector injection system running for 2-3 hours. After the dust collector stops running, try to reduce the dust residue on the surface of the filter bag as much as possible

2.2 If you encounter a special situation that causes the system pressure difference to increase significantly, you can temporarily increase the injection pressure appropriately. After the pressure difference runs normally, adjust the injection pressure back to the normal pressure value.

2.3 The flue gas temperature at the inlet of the dust collector must not be higher than the highest limit temperature of the filter bag material (ie: the instantaneous temperature of the filter bag material), and at the same time it must be operated at 20°C above the dew point temperature; to prevent condensation on the surface of filter bag due to too low operating temperature, resulting in the pressure difference increased of the dust collector system and intensified corrosion

2.4 Regularly maintain the top cover of the dust collector to prevent air and water leakage from the cover. Air leakage from the cover will cause cold air to enter the dust collector box, causing local condensation; air leakage will also cause problems such as insufficient negative pressure at the inlet of the dust collector and increased system pressure difference.

2.5 Regularly check whether there is ash accumulation in the ash unloading bucket of the dust collector, and deal with it in time if it is found. Pile of ash will reduce the cross-sectional area of the ash discharge port, increase the air flow velocity inside the dust collector and increase the system pressure difference, and may result in damage or failure of the filter bag at a local location due to the air flow;

2.6 Regularly check, maintain, and calibrate the pressure gauge to avoid the problem of filter bag use due to the abnormal dust removal caused by the inaccurate pressure gauge.

2.7 Regularly inspect and maintain of each valve to keep it in a normal state and work well.

2.8 Every time the dust collector stops running, if time permits, it is recommended to check the inside of the flue, the upper part of the cell plate, the filter bag and inside of the bag cage for dust leakage.

2.9 If there is obvious dust on the horizontal circle of the cage, it is possible that the filter bag has been damaged and there is dust leakage;

2.10During the inspection, the damaged filter bag must be treated or replaced in time; prevent dust from enter  other filter bags through the damaged filter bag under the action of pulse, caused filter bag blockage (commonly known as enema).

2.11 For each filter bag to be inspected and replaced, it is necessary to make a detailed record of the location of the replacement filter bag. It is recommended to make a plan for the cell plate, and make a different marking of the filter bag each time,it is convenient to find out the problem of abnormal or damaged filter bag.

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