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The main advantages of air filter bag pre-coating

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Precoat is a dry, chemically inert, non-toxic, and easy-to-use powder that can be used to wrap or condition filter bags in baghouses to improve filtration efficiency and effectiveness. Think of it as forming a uniform, three-dimensional, porous assist or enhancer in the baghouse.

The precoat has a naturally balanced particle size distribution that promotes air flow and increases collection efficiency, resulting in lower differential pressure and lower energy costs. The use of a precoat also enhances the life of the filter bag and protects the filter bag from clogging. Because the precoat has a high melting point, it can also suppress harmful sparks when used as a control layer.

In summary, the key benefits of using our precoats in baghouses include:

(1) Enhance the service life and performance of the filter bag;

(2) Protect the filter bag from clogging;

(3) Increase the air flow;

(4) Reduce the pressure difference;

(5) Help improve dust collection efficiency;

(6) Prevent the appearance of destructive sparks;

(7) Will absorb harmful moisture, oil and hydrocarbons;

(8) Reduce operation and maintenance costs.

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