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The main performance of pulse dust collector bag filter

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1. High-reliability design to ensure long-term stable operation of the dust collector with the host, with minimal maintenance.


2. High applicability design, the dust collector can adapt to a wide range of fluctuations in the nature of dust-containing gas, and can be adapted non-standard design according to the user's situation; special structure design plus strict selection of filter materials and parts can meet extremely strict requirements According to the environmental protection requirements, the discharge of the bag filter can be guaranteed to be less than 50mg/Nm 3.


3. Optimized inlet and outlet air duct design is conducive to uniform air distribution.


4. Anti-leakage design to ensure that the air leakage rate of the dust collector is reduced to a minimum (<4%).


5. The all-steel split structure design facilitates the transportation and installation of the equipment, and ensures the manufacturing accuracy of the equipment.


6. Separate pulse three-state dust removal technology to ensure the best dust removal intensity and effect.


7. The dust collector shuts down and self-cleaning system to ensure that the dust collector is always in the best working condition.


8. Fixed resistance and timing combined cleaning method and programmable control system (PLC).


9. Automatic over-temperature alarm and emergency cooling control.


10. Unique non-linear equalizing static pressure nozzle to ensure uniform injection.


11. Optional independent ash unloading control system.


12. Provide two options of centralized control (DSC remote control) and machine side control.


13. Low operating costs and optimized process parameter design are conducive to the low-resistance, high-efficiency and stable operation of the bag filter, reducing system energy consumption, and effectively reducing the loss and maintenance of the filter bag.


14. Adopt high-quality parts and components to improve the reliability of equipment operation and reduce maintenance work.


15. All high-quality filter bags and accessories are used, and the average life of filter bags generally exceeds 18 months.


16. Special ash hopper design, dust discharge is barrier-free.

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