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The solution to the blockage of the dust filter bag

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Because the blockage of the dust filter bag is likely to lead to aggravation of the aging of the dust bag, of course, if the dust filter bag is blocked, it will not only lead to aggravated aging of the dust filter bags, but also lead to a series of other problems.

When the dust filter bag is blocked, the biggest reaction is that the value of the differential pressure meter in the bag will continue to increase, and the resistance in the bag will be very large.

Another point is that the phenomenon of perforation or even falling off is easy to occur during the blocking process of the filter bags. After all, during the blocking process, the friction inside the dust filter bag is very large, and the wear and tear caused by this is also inevitable.

The blockage of the dust filter bag must be dealt with in the first time, but there are different treatment methods according to the different situations that cause the blockage.

1.: the operation of cleaning dust can be temporarily strengthened, which can solve the blockage problem in the cloth bag in a short time, but it certainly cannot solve the problem from the root cause;

2.: if it is too old to work properly, then some or even all of the filter bags must be replaced;

3.: adjust the installation and operation prerequisites.

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