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The specific production standard of filter bag cage

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In the process of welding and manufacturing the frame of the bag cage of the dust collector, it is required that the welding point be firm, there is no burr and welding flash, the whole frame structure is firm and reliable, and the shape is stable. If the burrs of the cage are not cleaned, the service life of the dust bag will be reduced and the dust removal efficiency will be reduced. After the cage  is formed, it needs to be chromed, galvanized, silicone or plastic sprayed for high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, vibration resistance, and treatment, which can effectively avoid the adverse effects of the use environment on the dust removal efficiency of the dust collector and the operation of the entire dust removal equipment. .

The standard of making the bag cage cage of the dust collector:

1. The support rings and longitudinal ribs of the dust filter cage  should be evenly distributed, and should have sufficient strength and rigidity to withstand the gas pressure existing in the filter bag in the state of filtration and cleaning, and prevent the occurrence of damage during normal transportation and installation. Collision and impact resulting in damage and deformation.

2. All the solder joints of the dust filter cage should be firmly welded, and no desoldering, missing soldering and virtual soldering are allowed.

3. The spring-type dust filter cage should have sufficient elasticity and number of turns, and the spacing should be uniform after opening.

4. The surface of the dust filter cage and the dust removal filter bag should be smooth and clean, and no welding scars, burrs and unevenness are allowed.

5. The surface of the dust filter cage must be treated with anti-corrosion, and it should be painted, sprayed or electroplated according to different needs. If it is used for high temperature, its anti-corrosion surface should meet the requirements of the operating temperature.

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