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What is the PTFE Filter Bags

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PTFE, commonly known as "Plastic King", is a linear structure of macromolecules without branching. Both sides of the macromolecule are all very stable C-F bonds. The fluorine atoms shield and protect the carbon atoms on the main chain, and the molecular chain is difficult to be destroyed. Therefore, it has excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance.

 The excellent physical and chemical properties of PTFE are mainly manifested in:

1.Can be used continuously at high temperature

2.Antioxidant, can resist strong oxidants

3.Does not hydrolyze at all

4.The PH range of resistance to acid and alkali is 0-14, and it can resist strong acid (including aqua regia) and strong alkali;

5.Insoluble in various organic solvents

6.Limit oxygen index (LOI) is as high as 95%, no combustion;

7.High degree of non-stickiness, the surface is extremely smooth, and it is easy to clean the dust.

PTFE products can always maintain excellent physical and chemical properties during the life time. Therefore, the PTFE filter material has excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance, hydrolysis resistance, and oxidation resistance. It can effectively resist chemical corrosion damage, to ensure the use stability of the filter material.

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