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What‘s’ the difference between filter cartridge and filter bag

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-11-23      Origin: Site


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What is the difference between a filter cartridge and a filter bag?

Features of filter bag:

1. The service life of the filter bag should be relatively longer and not easy to be damaged.

2. The dust removal effect of the filter bag is good, and it can completely remove dust.

3. The follow-up long-term applicable maintenance costs are lower.

4. High filtering effect

Disadvantages of filter bags:

1. The filter area of the cloth bag is small

2. Because the bag area is small, the bag filter equipment is large in size, so it occupies a large area. Compared with the filter element type dust collector, the volume of the filter cartridge type of the equipment with the same filter area will be smaller.

3. The initial investment cost is relatively large

Features of filter cartridges:

1. The initial investment cost is small

2. The equipment is small in size and occupies a small area

3. The filtering effect is the same as that of a cloth bag, and it is the most extensive filtering method on the market.

Disadvantages of the filter cartridge:

1. Because the surface of the filter element is V-shaped folds, the compressed air is easy to break at the fold tips during repeated cleaning.

2. Because the V-shaped pleated space is small, it will cause dust to remain easily or accumulate in the V-shaped place and block the filter cartridge, which increases the filtration resistance, thereby reducing the filter area and making the filter element more likely to be damaged.

3. Because the filter element is easy to be blocked and damaged, the frequency of replacement is higher

4. The frequency of replacement and the higher price of the filter cartridge, so the maintenance cost of the filter cartridge dust collector is higher

In the case of processing the same air volume, the filter cartridge dust collector has a small size and is more convenient to install. The filtration accuracy is higher than ordinary cloth bags due to the limitation of the filter material used. It is easier to replace the filter cartridge than to replace the filter bag. It is much less than the amount of air compression required. The disadvantage is generally that the pressure of compressed air is relatively large, the difficulty of back blowing is higher than that of filter bags, and the application of filter materials is narrower than filter bags. Both are at the price , Use and maintenance costs, there is not much difference in the degree of automation of the same brand.

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