What should I do if the dust filter bag is blocked?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-04-15      Origin: Site


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1. Set up heat tracing devices for the box and ash hopper, and strengthen the heat preservation to increase the temperature in the box to ensure that the temperature in the box is 15°C higher than the dew point temperature; for dust with strong hygroscopicity, the temperature of the box should be kept higher than the The temperature at which the dust absorbs moisture within the system.

2. Do not stop heat tracing during shutdown, and close the inlet and outlet valves of the box to maintain sufficient temperature in the box.

3. Replace the blocked dust filter bag.

4. Repair and weld the leaks of the box, replace or adjust the seals of the top cover or inspection door to seal the box.

5. When there is too much moisture in the production equipment (for example, the boiler bursts), the production operator should be notified in time to deal with it until the shutdown.

6. For the purification of boiler flue gas, waste incineration flue gas and bag filter used for similar conditions, the pre-coating should be done carefully, and the coating should be carefully inspected, and those that are not qualified should be made up.

Dust Filter Bags  are widely used in steel, cement, chemical industry, power plants, road construction, metallurgy, food processing and so on.


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