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Affect the service life of the air dust filter bag

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-04-29      Origin: Site


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In the daily use of dust filter bags, the service life of dust filter bags has always been the concern of everyone, so what factors are related to the service life of dust filter bags?

1. Blockage of the dust filter bag. When the dust filter bag is blocked, the resistance increases, which can be shown by the increase in the reading value of the differential pressure gauge. The clogging of the dust filter bag is the main reason for the wear, perforation and falling off of the dust filter bag. Due to the different types of coal selected, the amount of dust in the flue gas is also different. When the dust enters the dust collector, the dust with a large diameter will fall with the action of gravity or fall off under the interception of the filter bag, while the particle size is small. The dust generates kinetic energy under the action of wind speed.

2. The bag filter bag is damaged. The shape of the cloth bag and the installation method and mechanism of the cloth bag filter bag determine the position where the cloth bag filter bag is easily damaged, and inspection and maintenance can be carried out accordingly.

3. The aging of the dust bag. Cause investigation shall be carried out, elimination measures shall be taken and cloth bag filter bags shall be replaced.

4. The filter cloth should not be hung too loosely or too tightly, too loose will easily accumulate dust, and too tight will easily be damaged.

5. The old and new filter bags should not be mixed to avoid the different damage time affecting the normal operation of the equipment. The replaced cloth bag filter bag should be blown clean with compressed air first, and then check whether there are any holes. If the filter bag is stuck by dust, rinse it with water and keep it for replacement after drying.

When the dust is intercepted by the filter bag and accumulated on the cloth bag, it will inevitably have an impact on the filter bag. If the dust content in the flue gas is large and the filtering wind speed is large, the filter bag will withstand thousands of times of friction and scouring, and the fibers on the surface of the filter bag will not be able to withstand the scouring and fall off, which will damage the filter efficiency of the filter bag. Therefore, in the case of working conditions with large soot content, the wear resistance of needled felt should be considered, and the purpose is to prolong the service life of the filter material.

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